September 13, 2005
(Transportation and Works)

Minister visits construction site of Trans Labrador Highway

Tom Rideout, Minister of Transportation and Works, recently visited the current construction site of the Trans Labrador Highway, and drove the 12.5 km of newly constructed road from Happy Valley-Goose Bay toward Cartwright.

�The highway must be seen from the ground in order to fully appreciate the magnitude of
this project,� said Minister Rideout. �I have viewed the construction site by helicopter in
the past but that did not compare to being on the ground at the construction site and
experiencing it first hand.�

The minister also visited the site of the causeway and bridge that is currently under
construction across the Churchill River.

�I am very pleased with the quality of work that the contractors have completed for Phase III of the Trans Labrador Highway� said the minister. �Seeing first hand the progress that has been made on this project is very pleasing, and government will remain committed to this work until the Trans Labrador Highway is completed.�

Minister Rideout said that the Trans Labrador Highway is a very significant piece of transportation infrastructure in Labrador.

�This highway is tremendous,� said the minister. �It was amazing to drive a piece of road that, when completed, will finally provide a means to drive across Labrador.

�The Trans Labrador Highway is a road built from scratch through miles of previously untouched wilderness.�

The minister said that government will remain committed to transportation infrastructure in Labrador.

�Phase III of the Trans Labrador Highway is currently on schedule to be completed before the end of 2009,� said Minister Rideout. �We will work to ensure that this remains the case as work on Phase III is continued. In Budget 2005, government allocated $40 million for continued work on the Trans Labrador Highway, including carryovers from last year.

�Government is committed to the development and revitalization of transportation infrastructure in Labrador. We are proud of our accomplishments in Labrador, including the Trans Labrador Highway, the chip seal road surface that we are currently evaluating and our commitment to construct a depot between Red Bay and Lodge Bay to more effectively provide snow-clearing that will address the severe weather conditions experienced in this area.

�Government will continue to work with Labradorians in order to benefit the people, communities and economy of the region, as well to identify future needs and opportunities.�

Media contact: Lori Lee Oates, ABC, Communications, (709) 729-3015, 690-8403

2005 09 13                              2:25 p.m.

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