November 15, 2005
(Executive Council)

Premier appoints new President and Chief Executive Officer, Bull Arm Site Corporation

Premier Danny Williams today announced the appointment of Joan Cleary as president and chief executive officer of Bull Arm Site Corporation.

�I am extremely pleased that Ms. Cleary has accepted this position that is crucial to the future of our world-class fabrication facility at Bull Arm,� Premier Williams said. �Ms. Cleary�s background and her passion for the development of our province are well suited to the demands of the position.�

Since it was developed 15 years ago to meet the demands of the offshore petroleum industry, the Bull Arm fabrication site has changed significantly to maintain its competitive edge. Changes have included reconfiguration or redesign of some of its infrastructure to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry.

�Ms. Cleary will provide the leadership to enable the facility to continue to be competitive and attract new business,� Premier Williams said. �She has a demonstrated record of commitment to the growth and development of not only the Bull Arm site, but to the petroleum industry in general. Her dedication to the economic well-being of our province is reflected in her active participation at the community and regional level.�

Information about the Bull Arm site, located at the head of Great Mosquito Cove on the west side of Trinity Bay, is available at

Media contact: Elizabeth Matthews, Office of the Premier, (709) 729-3960, 690-5500;


Joan Cleary most recently served as chairperson of the Workplace, Health, Safety and Compensation Commission. A member of the Bull Arm Site Corporation Board since 2004, she worked at the Bull Arm site as a senior health specialist for three years during the construction of the Terra Nova FPSO, a position that provided her with first-hand knowledge of the physical construction of the site to enable rapid emergency response. Her four years working in the oil industry also included 18 months as senior site medical for the construction of the storage tanks for offshore oil at Whiffen Head.

Ms. Cleary, currently mayor of the Town of Come By Chance, is a member of the Bull Arm Committee serving towns from Clarenville to Whitbourne; a member of the Regional Council Group encompassing towns from Little Harbour to Goobies; a member of the Liaison Committee for the Whiffen Head Storage Facility NTL; a member of the Community Liaison Committee for the North Atlantic Refinery; member of the Chamber of Commerce sub-committee on the feasibility of high speed Internet for the area; and representative for Come By Chance on the Arnold�s Cove Area Chamber of Commerce.

A registered nurse by profession, she has worked at the hospital in Grand Falls-Windsor, as a public health nurse for the district covering Swift Current to Little Harbour, and partnered with her husband in establishing a medical clinic in Arnold�s Cove.

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