February 10, 2005
(Executive Council)

Premier announces resignation of Bill Rowe

Premier Danny Williams today announced he has accepted the resignation of Bill Rowe as the provincial representative in Ottawa. Mr. Rowe will stay on until March 15.

"Mr. Rowe has told me that his family responsibilities will require him to be present in St. John�s in the future, and I have accepted this," Premier Williams said. "I appreciate the work he has done in establishing the Office of Provincial Representative in Ottawa. His advice on key federal-provincial issues has been invaluable, particularly during our discussions with the federal government on health care reform and the Atlantic Accord."

Mr. Rowe says he deeply regrets having to resign. "While there remain many issues facing the province that demand greater attention by the federal government, it has been a great privilege to work in Ottawa on behalf of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, especially during these past months when Atlantic Accord discussions were reaching a magnificent fulfillment, " he said.

Mr. Rowe was appointed in July as the province's representative in the newly-created Newfoundland and Labrador Office of Federal-Provincial Relations in Ottawa. The provincial representative provides a stronger presence in Ottawa, and helps focus national attention on the province's concerns with fishery management, equalization, resource benefits and other issues affecting people and the economy.

"The Office of Provincial Representative remains critical to ensuring the provincial government's voice is heard in Ottawa," said the premier. "In addition to our Members of Parliament, a dedicated effort by the Office of the Provincial Representative ensures that we are exercising every opportunity to influence the federal government's direction on issues vital to the province."

A decision on a replacement has not yet been made.

Media contact:
    Ken Morrissey, Office of the Premier, (709) 729-4304
    Bill Rowe, Provincial Representative, (613) 232-4040

2005 02 10                     1:35 p.m.

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