September 30, 2005

New direction taken in College of the North Atlantic�s leadership

New leadership and direction at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) Board of Governors is being introduced today to facilitate a transition plan associated with new policy directions outlined in the White Paper on Public Post-Secondary Education.

Tom Hedderson, Minister of Education, says that these changes were necessary now so that the college could begin to align its resources with the province�s social and economic agenda.

Thirteen new appointments are being made to CNA�s Board of Governors as well as one reappointment. Effective today, Bruce Hollett, deputy minister of Education, will also fulfill the duties of president of CNA on an interim basis pending a national executive search for a new president, as the term appointment for the current president is not being renewed.

�I wish to thank outgoing board members for their contribution to College of the North Atlantic,� said Minister Hedderson. �A change in direction was needed so that we can begin implementing the policy initiatives outlined in the white paper. The shared vision of this new team will steer the future success of the college.

�Our government�s commitment to post-secondary education is clear. We have a vision of an educated workforce that has the knowledge and skills to lead us into the future. We are serious about making this goal a reality. That is why we are investing nearly $90 million of new money into our public post-secondary education system.�

The individuals appointed to the board of governors for the CNA for a three-year term are:

  • Alfred J. Goss, St. John�s (Chair)
  • Roy Bennett, Norman�s Cove
  • Josephine Morgan Budgell, Bishop�s Falls
  • Barbara Cribb, Marystown
  • Vanda Dove, Shoal Harbour
  • Shirley Y. Fowler Letto, L�anse au Clair
  • Al Lewis, Clarke�s Beach
  • J. Alan MacKinnon, St. John�s (reappointed)
  • Andrea Marshall, St. John�s
  • Daphne McDonnell, Stephenville
  • Sherri L. Northcott, Corner Brook
  • Selma D. Pike, St. Anthony
  • Ronald J.P. Richard, Gander
  • Diane Tobin, Happy-Valley Goose Bay

�We are looking forward to working with the incoming board as we implement the structural improvements associated with the white paper�s policies. The board�s membership reflects strong representation and balance from across the province,� added the minister.

College of the North Atlantic is governed by the College Act, 1996. Its board of governors is responsible for directing the affairs of the institution, determining courses and programs, enacting by-laws for the conduct of business and the college�s financial operations. The act provides for board appointments of up to 18 members, including a faculty and two student representatives nominated by their organization.

The White Paper on Public Post-Secondary Education was released on July 7, 2005 and outlined a series of policy directions that were designed to continue to provide the public with affordable and accessible post-secondary education opportunities. This includes a multi-year investment of nearly $90 million in public post-secondary education, such as a tuition freeze, as well as policy directions that include building partnerships between institutions and communities.

Information about the white paper is available online at //

Media contact: Alex Marland, Communications (709) 729-0048, 690-6047

2005 09 30                     12:45 p.m.

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