June 13, 2005

Bishop�s Falls update

Education Minister Tom Hedderson has had the opportunity over the past several weeks to meet with citizens in the Bishops Falls region concerning the K-12 education system in that community and is pleased that the school board and the school and community representatives are meeting on this issue later this week.

"I have met with concerned parents, school council representatives, students and other stakeholders about the future of the Bishops Falls� school system," said Minister Hedderson. "I have engaged community representatives on a number of occasions and heard their concerns. Additionally, I have looked at current enrolment figures, as well as projections for future enrolment and the existing school infrastructure in the community.

"I am confident that a K-12 school system is appropriate and feasible for Bishops Falls as a separate system from Grand Falls-Windsor. As a result, I have asked the Nova Central School Board to re-examine options for maintaining this separate system," said the minister.

Minister Hedderson looks forward to meeting again with all stakeholders, including community representatives and the school board, as they continue their efforts to configure the K-12 system within the community of Bishops Falls.

Media contact: Nora Daly, Communications, (709) 729-1906 or 728-2819

2005 06 13                          5:15 p.m.

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