February 23, 2004
(Environment and Conservation)


 Minister seeks input on proposed changes to Pesticides Control Regulations

Environment and Conservation Minister Tom Osborne today announced that government is seeking input on proposed changes to the Pesticides Control Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act. Minister Osborne said government wants to strengthen the regulations to improve the proper handling and environmentally responsible use of pesticides in the province.

"Our current regulations need to be updated to ensure pesticides use is undertaken by properly trained individuals and under conditions which protect environmental and public health," said Minister Osborne. "We also want to ensure a better control over the sale and use of pesticides in the province, as well as bring our legislation more in line with other provinces,".

The minister has released a discussion paper on the proposed changes to the Pesticides Control Regulations as part of a 60-day public consultation exercise. He said new regulations will allow government to better provide direction to individuals and companies involved in pesticide activities and ensure that pesticide use takes place only under appropriate conditions.

"Protecting the environment and human health is a priority for government, and taking action to strengthen our pesticide control regulations demonstrates this," said Minister Osborne. "I encourage feedback from the public on our proposed changes and indeed welcome all views on pesticide use."

The minister also noted that education is key to proper pesticide use, such as for lawn care. "In some cases, pesticides are used unnecessarily," said Minister Osborne. "We want the public to know there are alternatives to addressing lawn problems besides using pesticides, such as proper lawn installation and maintenance."

The department will hold stakeholder meetings and give presentations to business groups on the proposed pesticides regulations. The discussion paper is also available on the Department of Environment and Conservation Web site at // Discussion Paper.pdf. Copies of the paper will be mailed to key stakeholders, including municipalities, or a copy can be obtained by calling (709) 729-2556 or 1-800-563-6181. Written submissions will be accepted for consideration until April 23, 2004.

For more information on the discussion paper, contact Karen Ryan, Manager of Pesticides Control Section at (709) 729- 3395.

Media contact: Sonia B. Glover, Communications, (709) 729-2575.

2004 02 23                                       10:25 a.m.

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