October 6, 2003
(Municipal and Provincial Affairs)


The following is being distributed at the request of the Newfoundland and Labrador Emergency Measures Organization:

Adverse weather conditions expected from Hurricane Kate

The Newfoundland and Labrador Emergency Measures Organization (NLEMO) has been advised by Environment Canada that the Avalon Peninsula could be affected by adverse weather conditions caused by Hurricane Kate which is expected to pass south east of the Avalon on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, October 6 and 7.

Conditions could see higher than normal sea swells and heavy rain. It is anticipated that up to 80 mm of rain could fall in the next 24 hours. Given the impacts of recent events such as Hurricane Gabrielle in September 2001, the flooding in Badger in February this year, flooding on the west coast in March 2003, as well as the damages in Nova Scotia caused by Hurricane Juan which resulted in millions of dollars in damage and great personal loss, the general public are advised to take appropriate actions to mitigate against possible damage.

Municipalities, home and business owners and fish harvesters are advised to take every precaution to prevent damages that could be caused by flooding, storm surges and/or high winds.

Some steps to follow are:

  • Ensure all drains are free from debris, clean out window and door wells, close all windows etc.
  • Ensure that sump pumps are working.
  • Keep items such as lawn furniture and ladders out of the wind.
  • Secure exposed fishing gear, and both commercial boats and pleasure craft.
  • Remove, in a safe manner, dead tree branches that could pose a hazard.
  • Ensure that cell phones are charged and that you have fresh batteries for a portable radio should the power go out.
  • Should basement flooding occur, ensure that the power is shut off at the main breaker before stepping into water. Care should be taken to prevent electrocution.
  • Property owners should advise their municipal officials if they become aware of excessive flooding on streets or blocked drains or culverts.
  • Should you become aware of downed power lines, do not touch these, but advise Newfoundland Power immediately.
  • Municipalities are advised to ensure that all measures such as the clearing of storm sewers, culverts, bridges, drains, etc. are free from debris and that emergency personal are available should the need arise.

All residents are advised to use caution in undertaking theses preventative measures.

NLEMO is maintaining close contact with Environment Canada to monitor the progress of Hurricane Kate.

For further weather information the public may call 772-5534, or visit

Media contact: Josephine Cheeseman, Communications, (709) 729-0329

2003 10 06                                      11:25 a.m.

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