December 9, 2003
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The following is being distributed at the request of the Petroleum Products Pricing Commission:

Commission to reschedule Measurement Canada sessions

The Petroleum Products Pricing Commission (PPPC) will have to wait until the new year to add its voice on petroleum-related issues and Measurement Canada services in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The PPPC was unable to attend the Retail Petroleum Trade Sector Review organized by Measurement Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia this week because of poor weather conditions resulting from a winter storm that hit central Newfoundland Monday.

Commissioner George Saunders and research director David Toms were slated to participate in stakeholder discussions December 9-10 on issues related to the petroleum industry and measuring equipment. However, a cancelled flight could not be rearranged to get them out of the province in time to fully engage in the sessions, and their trip had to be cancelled.

Mr. Saunders said Measurement Canada will host another session in Montreal, Que. January 28-29, and the PPPC looks forward to making representation at that time.

"We are disappointed that we will not be able to attend the meetings in Halifax, but we are pleased to have another opportunity to participate in discussions in Montreal next month," said the commissioner. "We are prepared to offer our input into any federal decisions that affect Newfoundland and Labrador as they relate to petroleum products, the calibration of dispensing equipment and the availability of federal support services in this province. We will take this time to further analyze our presentation and incorporate any new issues should they arise."

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2003 12 09                                        2:15 p.m.

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