January 6, 2003
(Government Services and Lands)


Opposition should stop misleading public

"If the Official Opposition have any ideas about how to control petroleum prices they should say what they are," said Walter Noel, Minister of Government Services and Lands. "The only response they�ve had to the present difficult situation is to criticize what Commissioner Saunders has done in order to guarantee supplies. Does the opposition want to see supplies cut off to many communities?

"The province�s regulatory system has succeeded in keeping changes to once a month, until last week�s extraordinary circumstances forced an earlier intervention. If changes can be made to regulations to prevent having to do that in the future, they will be made.

"We have established a system which has succeeded in stabilizing prices, but which also provided for this kind of action in circumstances such as brought about by the recent 25 per cent increase in world oil prices over two weeks.

"The Official Opposition have no constructive suggestions for dealing with this problem except their usual fallback of criticizing taxes and implying they would reduce them, without saying how they would replace the revenue to the province, or which services they would cut. They are the ones making promises they know will not be kept. They should stop misleading the public."

Media contact: Office of Minister Noel, (709)729-4751.

2003 01 06                                        5:05 p.m.

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