November 28, 2002
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The following is being distributed at the request of The Petroleum Products Pricing Commission:

Commission orders fuel-price adjustment for some coastal Labrador communities

The extension of the new Labrador coast road means an adjustment in maximum fuel prices for communities as they become connected to this highway.

In accordance with existing Petroleum Products Pricing Commission (PPPC) policies, effective 12:01 a.m. Thursday, November 28, the price of regular unleaded full-serve gasoline for Cartwright will see a downward adjustment of 10.9 cents per litre (cpl) from $1.117 to $1.008.

Diesel fuel prices will decline from $1.033 to 96.9 cpl, while the cost of home heating fuel will decrease from 69.44 cpl to 63.94 cpl.

Commissioner George Saunders explained that when the PPPC developed its operations model in 2001, its policy stated that whenever the Labrador Highway was extended to open the free flow of traffic, then communities connecting to this road as it progressed north would become part of fuel pricing Sub-zone 10a (described as being east of Red Bay along Route 510, Mary�s Harbour/Charlottetown).

"The road to Cartwright is now completed, and is open and passable to the general public," said Mr. Saunders. "After the commission thoroughly analyzed the situation, it was determined that a fuel-price adjustment needed to be made."

Mr. Saunders said the oil companies have been notified of the change.

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2002 11 28                                         9:05 a.m. 

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