September 13, 2002
(Executive Council)


Province calls on Ottawa to make decision on Labrador M�tis land claim

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is urging the Government of Canada to make a final decision on the validity of the Labrador M�tis Nation�s (LMN) land claim.

"The federal government has all of the necessary information to make a definitive and final statement on the validity of the Labrador M�tis claim," said Premier Roger Grimes. "The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is of the opinion that it would be in everyone�s best interest to have this matter dealt with once and for all."

The LMN submitted its first claim to the federal government in 1992. It was resubmitted in 1996 and research has continued since that time.

"That research has now been completed and in the hands of the federal government," said Ernest McLean, Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs. "We have always said that if the LMN claim documentation satisfies established criteria to assess the validity of comprehensive land claims, then we would be prepared to join with the federal government in working to settle that claim."

Only the federal government can resolve the uncertainty surrounding the LMN claim, added the premier.

"Resolving this issue as quickly as possible will be beneficial to the LMN, the province and the federal government," the premier said. "There�s no need to delay the decision any longer."

Media contact:

Carl Cooper, Premier�s Office
(709) 729-3960

Bert Pomeroy, Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs
(709) 896-8668

2002 09 13                                    4:55 p.m.

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