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March 22, 2001
(Works, Services and Transportation)


Province calls upon federal government to jointly fund causeway

Percy Barrett, Minister of Works, Services and Transportation, announced today that the provincial government is willing to commit 20 per cent of the cost of constructing a causeway from Long Island to Pilley�s Island when the federal government commits the remaining 80 per cent.

"In early 2000, the people of Long Island made a strong plea for a causeway to replace their ferry services. At that time, the federal minister of ACOA pledged up to $8 million, or 80 per cent, of the cost of the project," said Minister Barrett. "Today, the province is committing $2 million, or 20 per cent of the cost, to the construction of the causeway, provided the federal government honours its commitment. We, along with the people of Long Island, call on the federal government to now fulfill that pledge and provide the balance of the construction funding."

It is estimated the causeway will cost approximately $10 million. Government spends approximately $600,000 annually for ferry services between Long Island and Pilley�s Island, approximately half a kilometre, and believes a causeway will be more cost effective in the long run.

Media contact: Lynn Evans, Communications, (709) 729-3015.

2001 03 22               4:55 p.m.


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