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April 3, 2001
(Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs)


Southeastern Labrador Transportation Committee releases report

The Southeastern Labrador Transportation Committee, established to make recommendations regarding the future transportation needs in southeastern coastal Labrador, presented its final report to government on Friday.

Appointed in February 2000 by Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ernest McLean and Cartwright-L�Anse au Clair MHA Yvonne Jones, the committee travelled throughout southeastern Labrador during April of last year, holding a total 11 public consultation sessions. More than 25 individuals and organizations made formal, informal and general submissions to the committee.

The report, presented to Mr. McLean, Ms. Jones and Works, Services and Transportation Minister Percy Barrett in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, made a total of 25 recommendations.

The report was also presented to community representatives from all over Labrador during last week�s Directions North Conference, held in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

"I appreciate the committee�s hard work in completing this report," Minister McLean said. "I think it�s a good approach in dealing with some of the transportation issues affecting southeastern Labrador."

Minister Barrett told committee members to expect a quick response to the recommendations. "I plan to sit down with this committee again, except I will be the one making the presentation," he said. "I found the committee�s presentation very valuable. The message was good and clear, and the committee should be congratulated."

Completing the report was no easy task, said Ms. Jones. "It�s not easy to look at transportation from a regional perspective and to put together such a report," she said. "The committee consulted with a lot of people in a lot of communities, and committee members should be commended on a job well done."

Committee chair Jessie Bird of Cartwright said she�s looking forward to seeing government�s response to the recommendations. "We trust these recommendations will be taken seriously and acted upon to improve the transportation needs of residents in southeastern Labrador."

Media contact: Bert Pomeroy, Communications, (709) 896-8668 or (709) 896-1688.

2001 04 03                 11:10 a.m.


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