September 21, 2001


Minister announces province�s latest scholars

The Minister of Education, Judy Foote, announced the winners of this year�s high school scholarships. The 201 scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $2,500 and are based on achievement on the scholarship examination prepared by the Department of Education.

For the first time, there are two winners of the Junior Jubilee Scholarship. Anand Joshi of Gonzaga High School and Rajiv Thavanathan of Holy Heart of Mary High School, both of St. John�s, tied for first place. The scholarship, valued at $2,500, is awarded to the student who scored highest in the province on the scholarship examination.

The Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship has been awarded to Matthew Carroll who attended Gonzaga High. It is awarded to the son or daughter of a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (active, retired or deceased) who scored the highest on the scholarship examination. This scholarship is valued at $1,000.

One hundred and forty-four Electoral District Scholarships, valued at $1,000 each, have been awarded to the three high school graduates who scored highest on the scholarship examination in each district.

Fifty-five Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships, also valued at $1,000, have also been awarded based on achievement in the scholarship examination.

A total of $205,000 is provided to high achieving students throughout Newfoundland and Labrador through the province�s scholarship program.

"These students should be extremely proud of their achievements," said Minister Foote. "Success at this level bodes well for their future academic and career prospects. I offer my sincere congratulations to each of them and wish them all the best as they embark upon their post-secondary education."

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Anand Joshi - Gonzaga High
Rajiv Thavanathan - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High


Matthew Carroll - Gonzaga High


Baie Verte 
Melissa Robinson - MSB Regional Academy
Valene Tilley - MSB Regional Academy
Douglas Yetman - Baie Verte High

Bay of Islands 
Daniel Brake - Regina Regional High
Sheena House - Templeton Collegiate
Kayla Sheppard - St. James All Grade

Marc Cooper - Crescent Collegiate
Jason Piercey - Crescent Collegiate
Laura Temple - Crescent Collegiate

Bonavista North 
Deon Chaulk - Lumsden School Complex
Candice Gibbons - Lumsden School Complex
Ashley Melindy - Lumsden School Complex

Bonavista South 
Hannah Dickson - Musgravetown High
Joshua Tremblett - Discovery Collegiate
Ashley Way - Discovery Collegiate

Burgeo & La Poile 
Jessica Mauger - St. James Regional High
Tia Osmond - Grandy's River Collegiate
Chad Skinner - St. James Regional High

Burin - Placentia West 
Kyla Brake - Marystown Central High
Stephanie Lundrigan - Pearce Regional High
Krista Upshall - Pearce Regional High

Cape St. Francis 
Matthew Grenning - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Dylan Mackay - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Tara Rumsey - Gonzaga High

Carbonear - Harbour Grace 
Colleen Dunphy - Carbonear Integrated Collegiate
Jamie Horwood - Carbonear Integrated Collegiate
Anna Robinson - Carbonear Integrated Collegiate

Cartwright -L'Anse au Clair 
William A. Fowler - Mountain Field Academy
Shannon Halbot - Mountain Field Academy
Grant Parr - D.C. Young

Conception Bay East & Bell Island 
Susan Lawlor - Holy Spirit High
Jordan Parsons - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Andrew Winter - Prince of Wales Collegiate

Conception Bay South 
Angela Dyke - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Adam Hart - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Katie Kennedy - Holy Spirit High

Sarah Adams - Leo Burke Academy
Natalie Parsons - Botwood Collegiate
Neil Ward - Point Leamington Academy

Laura Emberley - Mobile Central High
Simon Silk - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Jeffrey Stanley - Bishops College

Fortune Bay - Cape La Hune 
Matthew Jensen - King Academy
Curtis Organ - Holy Cross All-Grade
Hughie J Snook - King Academy

Ann-Marie Chaulk - Gander Collegiate
Pamela Chaulk - Gander Collegiate
Michael Mohareb - Gander Collegiate

Grand Bank 
Bradley Ayers - St. Joseph's Academy
Janelle Kenway - Pearce Regional High
Lance Quirke - Holy Name of Mary Academy

Grand Falls - Buchans 
Yodit Edemariam - Exploits Valley High
Paul LeDrew - Exploits Valley High
Andrew Whelan - Lakeside Academy

Harbour Main - Whitbourne 
Allison Blundon -Crescent Collegiate
Jenny Earle - Crescent Collegiate
Linda Scott - Ascension Collegiate

Humber East 
Meghan Gosse - Herdman Collegiate
Jessica Humber - Pasadena Academy
Christopher Jackman - Regina Regional High

Humber Valley 
Wendy House - Main River Academy
Jocelyn Rubia - Elwood Regional High
Adam Sheppard - Elwood Regional High

Humber West 
Caroline Crocker - Herdman Collegiate
Jillian Lee - Regina Regional High
Julia Lee - Regina Regional High

Gregory Browne - Booth Memorial High
Michael Long - Booth Memorial
Amanda Power - Booth Memorial

Labrador West 
David Mitchell - Menihek High
Kerwin Moores - Menihek High
Matthew Sullivan - Menihek High

Lake Melville 
Tracy Hardiman - Goose High
Kim Michelau - Goose High
Desmond Montague - Lake Melville Central High

Brad Coish - Lewisporte Collegiate
William Oxford - Lewisporte Collegiate
Dane Sheppard - Lewisporte Collegiate

Mount Pearl 
Lorie Duggan - O'Donel High
Matthew Hamilton - O'Donel High
Renee Lester - Gonzaga High

Placentia - St. Mary's 
Michael Collins - Laval High
Patrick Gear - Laval High
Sheri-Lynn Singleton - Dunne Memorial Academy

Port au Port 
Steven Duffy - Stephenville High
Trina Hynes - Piccadilly High
Courtney LeCointre - Piccadilly High

Port de Grave 
Chantel Barrett - Ascension Collegiate
Candice Russell - Ascension Collegiate
Jennifer Yetman - Ascension Collegiate

St. Barbe 
Christopher Dredge - St. Augustine's Central High
Dawn Pittman - Holland's Memorial High
Christine Wu - Roncalli Central High

St. George's - Stephenville East 
David James Cutler - St. Joseph's Central High
Jeremy Harnum - E.A. Butler/Cassidy Memorial
Stephanie Lucas - Assumption High

St. John's Centre 
Kelley Bromley - Gonzaga High
Sarah Morrissey - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Amy Van Theil - Bishop's College

St. John's East 
Luke Major - Bishops College
Kevin O'Shea - Gonzaga High
Genevieve Simms - Prince of Wales Collegiate

St. John's North 
Amy Flight - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
April Penney - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Jordan Wright - Prince of Wales Collegiate

St. John's South 
David Banoub - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Ashley Parsons - Mount Pearl Senior High
Holly White - Gonzaga High

St. John's West
Jonathan Anderson - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Allison Hall - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Timothy Kelly - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High

Signal Hill - Quidi Vidi 
Melissa Hill - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Megan Smith - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Misha Warbanski - Prince of Wales Collegiate

Terra Nova
Matthew Garrett - Glovertown Academy
Jillian Penney - Holy Cross School Complex
Adam Stead - Glovertown Academy

The Straits - White Bay North 
Clinton Hedderson - Bayview Regional Collegiate
Tara Hughes - Canon Richards High
Everton McLean - Sacred Heart All Grade

Laura Nurse - Holy Spirit High
Andrew Snelgrove - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Gregory Walsh - Prince of Wales Collegiate

Torngat Mountains 
Karen Adams - Northern Lights Academy
Christopher Belbin - Jens Haven Memorial All Grade
Jodene Hopkins - Northern Lights Academy

Trinity - Bay de Verde 
Jennifer Delaney - North Shore Collegiate
Melissa Hopkins - E. J. Pratt Central High
Sarah White - Crescent Collegiate

Trinity North 
Leslie Doody - Clarenville Integrated High
Russell Peddle - Clarenville Integrated High
Rosey Watton - Clarenville Integrated

Twillingate - Fogo 
Kacy Huang - J.M. Olds Collegiate
Ralph Link - J.M. Olds Collegiate
Heather Watkins - J.M. Olds Collegiate

Virginia Waters 
Erin Kelland - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Adam Riggio - Booth Memorial
Mark Russell - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High

Waterford Valley 
Heidi King - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Neil MacDonald - O'Donel High
Michael Rose - O'Donel High

Windsor -Springdale 
John J. Foster - Indian River High
Mark J. Heath - Indian River High
Heather Oxford - Indian River High


Matthew Beaudoin - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Patricia Beh - O'Donel High
Andrew Bonnell - Regina Regional High
Donald Burden - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Paul Chaisson - Regina Regional High
Erik Charron - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
David Churchill - Bishop's College
Janine Churchill - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Juliana Coffey - Gonzaga High
Andrew Collins - Bishop's College
Tiffany Crane - O'Donel High
Brandon Cross - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Karen Dickson - Bishop's College
Stephen Doyle - O'Donel High
Holly Dyke - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Sarah Flynn - Booth Memorial
Krista Fradsham - Holy Spirit High
David Goosney - Bishop's College
Laura Hancock - Mount Pearl Senior High
Lindsay Harding - Booth Memorial
Meghan Harding - Bishop�s College
Natalia Hatcher - O'Donel High
Jamie Hollett - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Timothy L. Hopkins - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Tzu-Hao Hsu - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Margaret-Ann Jones - Booth Memorial High
Derrick Lee - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Grant Lethbridge -  O'Donel High
Ming Liu - Prince of Wales Collegiate
David Lundrigan - Pearce Regional High
Nicole Lynch - Ascension Collegiate
Sarah Malik - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Jonathon Martin - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Shauna Mercer - Mount Pearl Senior High
Jake Mercier - Regina Regional High
Colette Moores - Bishop's College
Meghan Negrijn - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Michael Organ - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Justin Peddle - Holy Spirit High
Stephen Phillips - Gonzaga High
Michelle Pittman - O'Donel High
Adrianne Power - Booth Memorial High
Allyson Power - Gonzaga High
Joshua Prim - Bishop's College
Krista Quinton - Bishop's College
Andrew Roberts - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Christopher Roche - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Bill Scarth - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Heather Sharpe - Queen Elizabeth Regional High
Sara Slade - Mount Pearl Senior High
Jeremy Tuck - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Rachel Van Gelder - Herdman Collegiate
Gokul Vidyasankar - Prince of Wales Collegiate
Michael Watson - Bishop�s College
Jennifer White - Holy Heart of Mary Regional High

2001 09 21                                        1:25 p.m. 

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