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Tourism, Culture and Recreation - 1999

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January 7
Soiree 99 marketing campaign

January 12
Canada Conference 99 launched

January 13
Provincial parks offer cross country skiing
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Announcement, January 14, St. John's   Subject: Art Procurement Program

January 14
Minister unveils acquisitions made under 1998/99 Art Procurement Program

January 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Government to present cheque to Canada Winter Games Host Society

January 18
Annual Arts and Letters Competition begins

January 19
Minister responds to room levy issue

January 26
Minister urges federal government to release 1999 salmon plan

January 29
Premier unveils plans for year 2000 celebrations
Province increasing tourism marketing efforts


February 2
Preparations for Labrador Winter Games 2000 to begin

February 12
Province's flag bearer for 1999 Canada Winter Games announced

February 15
Report of Task Force on Recreational Fishing Issues in Southern Labrador released

February 17
Recreation ministers to meet in Corner Brook

February 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: Photo opportunity with ministers responsible for fitness, recreation and sport, Corner Brook, February 18

February 19
Provincial representatives for games opening ceremonies announced

February 24
The Stuff We're Made Of - A project of Soiree'99 and Newfoundland Museum


March 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 12, St. John's Subject: Details of March 31 Confederation celebrations
Minister comments on federal government's decision to stop feasibility study to establish national marine conservation area

March 11
Government supports cultural and recreational initiatives

March 12
Province outlines plans to celebrate 50th anniversary on March 31

March 18
Ministerial Statement - Province develops first-class sporting venues

March 19
Chance Cove Provincial Park opens for season

March 22
Minister says budget sets stage for continued growth
Capital program to refurbish major tourist attractions
Eco-tourism potential in province being built through trails

March 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media accreditations for March 31 Gala Concert

March 29
Youth Conference celebrating 50th anniversary of Confederation to begin today, Gambo


April 13
Minister announces early registration for seasonal campers

April 15
Note to Editors:  Art procurement program display, April 20-22, St. John's
Minister visiting Iceland and Norway, April 11-16, regarding Viking! 1000 Years

April 22
Largest RCMP Musical Ride ever in province to be part of Soiree '99 celebrations

April 30
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve opens for season
Newfoundland and Labrador wins Best of Show Award at annual Toronto Travel and Leisure show


May 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, May 4, St. John's   Subject: Events for 50th anniversary
Ministerial Statement - Funding of feasibility study for H.M.S. Sapphire Interpretation Centre

May 4
Two major Soiree '99 summer events unveiled

May 5
Ministerial Statement - Tourism Awareness Month

May 7
Viking promotion to be launched at international marketplace

May 10
Confederation exhibit opens at Provincial Archives

May 12
Major U.S. tour company to begin bus tours on Northern Peninsula

May 13
Encounters with Canada - National Youth Program taking place in St. John's

May 17
Provincial parks open for 1999 season

May 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: 1999 Arts and Letters Awards
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to launch Summer Soiree

May 20
CN Tower to become a slice of Newfoundland and Labrador for thousands

May 21
1999 Art and Letters Competition winners announced

May 27
86 per cent increase in scheduled port calls of cruise ships
NOTE TO EDITORS: Salvation Army Southport Citadel Band to visit Friday, May 28

May 31
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Premier to officially open J.R. Smallwood Interpretation Centre and Kittiwake Coast Information Centre


June 1
Opening of J. R. Smallwood Interpretation Centre in Gambo

June 3
Province stepping up efforts to have Ottawa improve ferry services on the Gulf

June 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers to meet with Marine Atlantic's Board of Directors to discuss capacity issues on Gulf Ferry

June 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: Opening of The Stuff We're Made Of exhibit

June 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Opening of Exhibit Elitaqatiek

June 18
Atlantic Lottery Corporation to sponsor Soiree '99 events
Official opening "The Business of Makin' The Paper" - A new traveling exhibit, June 22

June 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to launch Newfoundland and Labrador Festival at CN Tower, June 24

June 24
Newfoundland and Labrador Festival opens at CN Tower

June 25
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media invited to participate in Canadian Forces Sky Hawks practice jump

June 30
NOTE TO EDITORS: Official ceremony to launch Tour Soiree '99, July 1


July 2
Tour Soiree '99 off to a roaring start

July 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Launch of Website showcasing salt fisheries industry, July 6

July 6
Update on Gulf ferry issues

July 9
American Flotilla to visit province to help celebrate 50 years in Confederation
NOTE TO EDITORS: Sculptures commemorating anniversary of Confederation to be exhibited

July 13
Local artist unveils Soiree '99 commemorative pieces

July 14
ESPN films fly fishing show on Minipi Lake, Labrador

July 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: Live internet broadcast featuring Newfoundland and Labrador, July 18

July 20
Newfoundland and Labrador leads country in growth of demand for hotel occupation

July 21
National men's fragrance campaign offers a piece of Newfoundland and Labrador
Heart's Content Cable Station Provincial Historic Site celebrating 133 years of Transatlantic cable communications, July 27

July 27
Provincial Archives registers 15,000th researcher
Newfoundland author featured on cover of New York Times Book Review


August 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 3, St. John's   Subject:  Highway Signage Policy

August 3
Government announces New Highway Signage Policy

August 6
Public input sought on Gulf ferry service

August 11
Artist to present painting of Beaumont Hamel

August 12
Government receives painting of Beaumont Hamel

August 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to welcome members of Snowbirds 431 Squadron

August 19
Snowbirds demonstration cancelled
National production company films documentaries in province

August 25
U.S. production company films documentary at L'Anse aux Meadows
American-based Archaeology Magazine tours province



September 1
Minister orders archaeological assessment of Quidi Vidi

September 2
Provincial parks close for camping for season but still available for day use

September 3
Canadian sportfishing show films in Labrador
International travel media visit the province

September 10
Forums on Gulf Ferry Service to take place next week
Highway Signage Policy to come into effect September 10

September 13
Canada's largest full service performance improvement marketing company visits western Newfoundland

September 14
Province comments on results of archaeological assessment at Quidi Vidi

September 30
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Department to host dinner and entertainment to preview Millennium celebration, October 6, St. John's



October 1
Soiree '99 Youth Essay, Poetry and Graphic Art Competition announced
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, October 4, St. John's, Subject: Release of Gulf Ferry Forum report

October 4
Province calls on federal government to acquire new ferry

October 5
Vikings! 1000 named as a top event by American Bus Association

October 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference, October 15, Corner Brook, Subject: Establishment of reserve in Little Grand Lake area

October 15
Reserves announced to protect endangered American Marten, Newfoundland population

October 19
Minister announces provincial "First Light" celebration plans
Minister announces funding for heritage projects


November 2
Minister announces record tourism performance

November 3
Plans to determine any short-term accommodation issues under way
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media briefing, November 5, St. John's, Subject: Debut 2000 Countdown Concert and international broadcast on New Year's Eve

November 4
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Media briefing in St. John's, Friday, November 5, postponed

November 8
Update on status of Gulf Ferry report

November 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, November 10, Subject: Debut 2000 Countdown Concert and international broadcast from St. John's waterfront on New Year's Eve

November 10
More details announced for Debut 2000 Countdown Concert on New Year's Eve

November 16
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Internationally-known Canadian paleontologist and author, present at Newfoundland Museum, November 21

November 24
Viking celebrations featured on national television program


December 9
Annual Arts and Letters Competition begins
Ministerial Statement - Increases in non-resident visitation to province
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, Monday, December 13, St. John's, Subject:  Major initiative for cultural heritage
NOTE TO EDITORS:   Tourism Sectoral Forum, December 10 

December 13
Government announces new facility for Provincial Archives, Museum and Art Gallery

December 16
Attractions Canada Awards Program for 2000 announced

December 17
Winners announced in Soiree '99 Youth Essay, Poetry and Graphic Art Competition

December 21
New literary category in 2000 Provincial Arts and Letters Competition announced

December 22
Minister cautiously optimistic about announcement of new gulf ferry
Earliest release ever of Travel Guide

December 23
Minister calls on federal Transport Minister to address Gulf ferry needs immediately

December 30
Communities around province lighting up to celebrate Year 2000


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