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Tourism, Culture and Recreation - 1998

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January 5
New winter tourism industry for province unveiled

January 15
Minister will be a guest speaker at Deer Lake Chamber of Commerce
Annual Arts and Letters Competition Begins

January 16
Book Documents Dramatic Trek of Newfoundland Flotilla '97

January 19
1999 games holding first Chef de Mission Seminar

January 21
Life Network highlights Newfoundland whale watching

January 22
Winter tourism activity growing

January 30
1999 Canada Winter Games Committee - Charlie Major to Perform at Canada Games Centre


February 5
Premier and Tourism Minister to address Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador convention
The White Fleet returns
1999 Canada Winter Games Host Society - Chefs de mission give society passing grade

February 6
Newfoundland and Labrador to Celebrate Canada with Soiree 99

February 9
Viking encampment receives cultural tourism award

February 11
Provincial launch of book on Flotilla 97, February 13


March 4
T'Railway Provincial Park Regulations to be discussed at meeting

March 12
Premier to address construction associations, March 13
Newfoundland and Labrador Parks/Recreation Association - 1998 Awards Program

March 18
Remaining four parks successfully privatized

March 24
Ministerial Statement - Wheelchair Sports Funding Announcement
News conference, March 25 - Subject: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

March 25
Support Provided for Heritage Foundation

March 26
Budget support planning for major tourism events

March 30
Chance Cove Provincial Park open for 1998 season


April 2
Minister in Oslo, Norway to build relationships for the Viking Millennium
Co-production treaty signed for Canada-Norway film project

April 6
NOTE TO EDITORS - 1998 Atlantic Cup Golf Tournament

April 7
Amendments enhance protection of provincial parks
1999 Canada Corner Brook Winter Games Host Society - Canon Canada major sponsor

April 8
No change to government policy requiring archaeological screening / assessment for exploration in Labrador

April 9
Promotional effort to highlight Soiree '99

April 15
Early registration for seasonal campers at Butter Pot Provincial Park

April 22
Free sign-up offered for provincial reservation system

April 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to open exhibit, Provincial Archives, Colonial Building

April 24
Volunteers sought for historic Trans-Atlantic voyage

April 29
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve to open May 1 for 1998 season


May 1
Provincial progress overlooked in world wildlife rating

May 8
Five provincial parks open for 1998 season

May 11
1999 Canada Games Host Society - Browning Harvey Limited newest corporate sponsor

May 12
Ministerial Statement - Last week's Media Marketplace in Toronto

May 21
New tourism partnership for Avalon Region

May 22
1998 Summer Exhibit

May 26
Ministerial Statement - Minister announces conditional approval for T'Railway Provincial Park to remain a multi-use provincial park from Octagon Pond to Holyrood

May 29
More provincial parks open for the 1998 season
Concorde visit underscores tourism interest


June 2
NOTE TO EDITORS - Provincial Arts and Letters Competition Awards, June 4

June 5
Arts and Letters Competition winners announced

June 9
Tourism minister addresses CORA statement

June 10
Remaining provincial parks open for 1998 season

June 17
Soiree '99, an opportunity for major public input

June 19
Provincial seabird colonies a focus of international research
NOTE TO EDITORS - Corner Brook, June 22, Subject: Atlantic Canada Tourism Showcase

June 24
Atlantic Canada Showcase a tourism marketing opportunity
Matthew christened at Bonavista

June 30
Mission staff announced for 1999 Canada Winter Games
Provincial cruise ship authority created


July 8
NOTE TO EDITORS -  News briefing, July 10, Subject: Portuguese White Vessel returns to Newfoundland

July 10
The Creoula Project - Return of Portuguese White Fleet marks youth cultural exchange

July 20
Minister addresses protest at Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve

July 30
No new permits in Witless Bay Reserve this season


August 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - Iceland's tourism minister to visit the province

August 6
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, August 7, Subject: Major sponsor for 1999 Canada Winter Games

August 7
Major sponsor for 1999 Corner Brook Canada Winter Games

August 14
Court injunction to be served on Cape St. Mary's protesters

August 17
Usage up, new programs offered at provincial parks

August 24
Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council - Festival of the Arts planning continues, set to mark 50 years of Confederation

August 26
1998 seasonal closing dates for provincial parks

August 31
Soirees and Times to be an exciting part of Soiree '99


September 2
Mid-season tourism numbers show strong performance

September 22
Creoula completes voyage of cultural exchange
Modern day "Vikings" land at L'Anse aux Meadows

September 23
Minister responds to media stories on tourism travel guide

September 24
1999 Canada Winter Games Host Society - Royal Bank Canada Games Caravan launching in two weeks

September 25
Canadian youth return home from Creoula voyage

September 28
Sixteen new works pending through Publishers' Assistance Grant

September 30
Provincial parks to offer winter camping and camping unit storage


October 7
New marketing initiative announced for winter tourism in Western Newfoundland

October 9
Amendment to guiding regulations to enhance Labrador tourism

October 19
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, October 21, Subject - Provincial launch of "Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy, Active Living"

October 21
Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living launched

October 27
Province's outdoor experiences profiled


November 2
November 2-8 officially proclaimed as "Music Celebration Week" in Newfoundland and Labrador

November 4
Historic literary tour opens in Newfoundland

November 9
NOTE TO EDITORS - News Conference, November 10, St. John's Subject - Viking Millennium Exhibit Project

November 20
Ministerial Statement - Corner Brook Triathlon

November 30
Ministerial Statement - Preliminary results of 1998 tourism season


December 7
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, December 9   Subject: Launch of Attractions Canada Awards Project

December 9
New members appointed to Provincial Arts Council
Attractions Canada officially launches its national awards contest

December 10
Peace Tower Carillon will chime to mark historic event

December 16
Minister pleased with new portfolio

December 18
Major events to mark countdown to Confederation Anniversary

December 23
Host sites chosen for province's 2000 Summer Games and 2002 Winter Games
New Year's Eve festivities live from St. John's, Newfoundland

December 30
Gambo New Year's Eve celebrations mark start of Soiree '99 year

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