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July 23, 1998
(Forest Resources and Agrifoods)

The following is being distributed at the request of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

Recall of food products imported from Poland because of potential salmonella contamination

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning consumers not to eat listed food products (list follows) manufactured by Winiary S. A. and imported from Poland, because they may contain Salmonella bacteria that can cause illness in humans.

Salmonellosis is a potentially life-threatening illness and young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk. Food contaminated with bacteria will not look or smell spoiled. Consumers should return the recalled product to the point of purchase.

Some of these food products were identified by the Polish health authorities to contain Salmonella bacteria and were recalled in Poland by the manufacturer.

These products have been imported into Canada and may have been distributed across the country. There have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of these products.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is monitoring the effectiveness of the recall.

For more information, contact: Lou Skrinar, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ottawa, (613) 225-2342 Ext. 4662, Website:


List of products being recalled, all manufactured by Winiary S.A.

1. Zupa Pieczarkowa, brand Smacznego (Mushroom or Champignon Soup, Bon Appetit brand), production codes: SPVCW and SPWBW.

2. Zupa Ogonowa, brand Twoje Zupy (Ox-tail Soup, Your Soups brand), production codes : WKBAW and SRICW1.

3. Barszcz Bialy (white borsch), marked: "najlepiej spozyc przed koncem" (best before date) 07 98.

4. Following products marked "najlepiej spozyc przed koncem" (best before date) 09 98:

All soups of the brand: Twoje Zupy (Your Soups),
All soups of the brand: Smacznego (Bon Appetit),
All "Buliony" (Bullions),
All "Fixy",
All sauces of the brand: Smacznego (Bon Appetit),
Makaron z sosem (Noodles with Sauce).

5. Following products marked: "najlepiej spozyc przed koncem" (best before date) 12 98:

Zupa grzybowa z miesem i makaronem (Mushroom Soup with with meat and noodles),
All sauces of the brand: Twoje Sosy (Your Sauces),
All sauces "Italia" (Italian Sauces),
Seasoned breading mix (Przyprawa do panierowania), brand Bukiet Przypraw

6. Following products marked: "najlepiej spozyc przed koncem@ (best before date) 03 99:

Szybka Porcja (Fast Portion),
Zupa Expresowa (Express Soup),
Zupa Instant (Instant Soup),
Przyprawy: Ogrod Smakow i Bukiet Przypraw (Seasonings: Ogrod Smakow and Bukiet Przypraw),
Jarzynka Extra (Extra Vegetables)

1998 07 23 2:25 p.m.

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