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Finance - 1998

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January 5
Province will not open liquor stores on Sunday


February 24
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold news briefing



March 6
Pre-budget public consultation document and details of public consultation process released

March 13
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to meet media today

March 18
Budget Speech to be delivered March 26

March 25
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister of finance to address two organizations on details of budget

March 26
Budget Speech 1998
Budget Highlights
Government eases the tax burden for businesses
Government addresses reform of MHA Pension Plan


April 7
NOTE TO EDITORS - Marble Mountain

April 8
Marble Mountain Development Corporation issues tender call condominium development


May 12
Ministerial Statement - Bank of Montreal regional outlook


July 2
Tax rate on fine cut tobacco reduced in Labrador border zones


September 14
Minister proclaims National Payroll Week


October 16
Red Book system for used vehicle sales effective October 19

October 22
Provincial/territorial ministers present consensus paper


November 10
Standard and Poor's confirm province's credit rating

November 16
Ministerial Statement - Mid-Year Financial Report


December 4
Ministerial Statement - Labour force statistics

December 10
Minister releases settlement amount paid to Atlantic Leasing

December 15
Ministerial Statement - InfoTel

December 16
Amendment to Tobacco Tax Act

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