January 15, 1997
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Results of the Pepsi Newfoundland Junior Closed Badminton
Tournament Saturday, January 11

The Pespi Newfoundland Junior Closed Badminton Tournament was held Saturday, Januray 11 at Glovertown. Claudia Baggs of Milltown won a Double Crown in Girl's Singles and Girl's Doubles (with partner Amanda Dunphy), with a third place finish in mixed doubles (with partner Ian Arbuckle).

Shane Villeneuve, Glovertown, won gold in Boy's Singles, with silver going to Jamie Payne of Cox's Cove and bronze to Niall McComisky of Stephenville. Jason White and Niall McComisky of Stephenville won gold in Boy's doubles, with Jamie Payne and Jordan Anderson of Cox's Cove winning silver and Shane Vileneuve and Stephen Penny of Glovertown winning bronze.

In Girl's Singles Claudia Baggs won gold, with Nori Bradley of Eastport taking home silver and Amanda Dunphy taking home bronze. In Girl's Doubles, Baggs and Dunphy beat out Nori Bradley and Lisa Hounsell of Eastport, who took home the silver. Nadine Newman and Kristen Powell won bronze.

In Mixed Doubles Ian Duffett and Venessa Petten of CBS beat second place finishers Bradley and Payne (silver) to win gold, while Baggs and Arbuckle won bronze.

Claudia Baggs had two first place finishes and one third place finish. Nori Bradley had three second place finishes. Villeneuve, McComisky and Dunphy each won a gold and a bronze.

Abbreviated results
Pepsi Newfoundland Junior Closed Badminton Tournament
Saturday, January 11, 1997 at Glovertown

                    Gold                Silver         Bronze

Boy's singles       Shane Villeneuve    Jamie Payne    Niall McComisky
Girl's singles      Claudia Baggs       Nori Bradley   Amanda Dunphy
Boy's doubles       White/McComisky     Payne/Anderson Villeneuve/Penny
Girl's doubles      Baggs/Dunphy        Bradley/       Newman/Powell
Mixed doubles       Petten/Duffett      Bradley/Payne  Baggs/Arbuckle

Complete results of the Pepsi Newfoundland Junior Closed Badminton
Tournament, Saturday, January 11, 1997

Boy's single semi-finals      Defeated                      Scores
Jamie Payne(Cox's Cove)       Niall McComisky(S'ville)      15-10,15-7
Shane Villeneuve(Glovertown)  Jason White(S'ville)          15-10,15-7

Boy's singles finals
Shane Villeneuve(Glovertown)  Jamie Payne(Cox's Cove)       15-8,15-7,
Boy's singles 3rd
Niall McComisky(S'ville)      Jason White(S'ville)          15-11,15-6

Boy's singles consolation finals                  
Barry Rogers(Gambo)           Ian Duffett(CBS)              15-8,7-15,

Girl's singles semi-finals
Nori Bradley(Eastport)        Amanda Dunphy(Milltown)       8-11,11-2,
Claudia Baggs(Milltown)       Lisa Hounsell(Glovertown)     11-1,11-1

Girl's singles finals
Claudia Baggs(Milltown)       Nori Bradley(Eastport)        11-9,11-12,
Girl's singles 3rd
Amanda Dunphy(Milltown)       Lisa Hounsell(Glovertown)     12-10,11-4

Girl's consolation finals     
Kristen Powell(Eastport)      Nadine Newman(Eastport)       11-5,12-10

Boy's doubles semi finals
Jamie Payne/Jordan Anderson   Shane Villenueve/             15-8,12-15
                              Stephen Penny                 15-13
Niall McComisky/Jason White   Ian Duffett/Tony Lawrence     15-3,15-9

Boy's doubles finals
Jason White/Niall McComisky   Jamie Payne/Jordan Anderson   17-14,15-1

Boy's doubles 3rd
Shane Villeneuve/             Ian Duffett/Tony Lawrence     12-15,15-10
Stephen Penny                                               15-10

Boys doubles consolation finals
Paul Kearley/Ian Arbuckle     Eddie Elliot/Devon Babstock   15-6,15-7

Girl's doubles semi finals
Nori Bradley/Lisa Hounsell    Katie Briffett/Nicole Penny   15-3,15-0
Claudia Baggs/Amanda Dunphy   Nadine Newman/Kristen Powell  15-12,15-4

Girl's doubles finals
Claudia Baggs/Amanda Dunphy   Nori Bradley/Lisa Hounsell    15-2,15-9

Girls doubles 3rd   
Nadine Newman/Kristen Penny   Katie Briffett/Nicole Penny   15-5,15-2

Girl's doubles consolation finals
Katie Briffett/Nicole Penny   Melissa Hounsell/             15-12,15-10
                              Ashley Blackwood

Mixed doubles semi finals
Venessa Petten/Ian Duffett    Lisa Hounsell/                15-10,8-15
                              Shane Villeneuve              18-5
Nori Bradley/Jamie Payne      Claudia Baggs/Ian Arbuckle    15-11,2-15
Mixed doubles finals
Venessa Petten/Ian Duffett    Nori Bradley/Jamie Payne      11-15,18-17

Mixed doubles 3rd
Claudia Baggs/Ian Arbuckle    Lisa Hounsell/                15-12,15-6
                              Shane Villeneuve

Mixed doubles consolation finals
Tony Lawrence/Nadine Newman   Vishal Kaushik/Kristen Powell 15-10,15-10
1997 01 15   11:25 a.m.

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