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June 19, 1997
(Environment and Labour)


Reminder of Cabot 500 Day Holiday - Tuesday, June 24, 1997

The Minister of Environment and Labour, Kevin Aylward, today issued a further reminder to all businesses and individuals in the province that Tuesday, June 24, 1997, is Cabot 500 Day and will be celebrated as such in accordance with the Shops Closing Act.

In 1992, government amended the Shops Closing Act to remove St. Patrick's Day, Orangemen's Day, St. George's Day and Discovery Day from the list of holidays. However, in light of the Cabot 500 celebrations and the arrival of the Matthew, government has decided that Tuesday, June 24, 1997, will be celebrated as Cabot 500 Day. Accordingly, all shops and retail outlets that are not exempt from the Shops Closing Act are required to be closed on that day.

Over the past few days, the department has received a number of telephone calls from individuals wondering if this holiday is a paid holiday. In response, Minister Aylward stated that: "Cabot 500 Day will be celebrated as a holiday under the Shops Closing Act. As such, employers may pay employees for this holiday, but are not required to do so under the Act."

Minister Aylward also wishes to advise that public sector employees will celebrate Cabot 500 Day on Tuesday, June 24 as well.

Contact: Sean Kelly, Director of Communications, (709) 729-2575.

1997 06 19 1:35 p.m.

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