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Tourism, Culture and Recreation - 1996

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January 12
Deadline Approaching for Festival 500

January 26
Cabot's Year of the Arts program to receive full funding


February 8
New tourism initiatives announced

February 9
Annual Arts and Letters Competition Begins

February 14
Political campaigning display at Provincial Archives

February 15
1996 Figure Skating Sectional Precision Championships to be held this weekend, Lewisporte

February 26
1996/97 Big Game Licence Applications Mailed

February 28
Cabot 500 Celebrations go Online


March 5
Adventure tourism workshop travels the province

March 20
Provincial boys basketball championships scheduled

March 29
Ministerial statement - Art Procurement Program completed


April 4
New General Manager for Cabot Celebrations
Cabot Celebrations Seeking Corporate Sponsorship Agreements

April 23
Mild winter affects Marble Mountain

April 24
New Fee Structure for Provincial Parks

April 26
Promotion of Cabot Celebrations at the International Festival of the Sea

April 29
Newfoundland and Labrador Pavilion in Bristol, England


May 13
1996 provincial parks opening schedule

May 14
Newfoundland publishers launch European marketing strategy in the U.K.

May 21
Funding to Improve Provincial Parks

May 23
Itinerary for Minister and Premier, May 25-27

May 27
More Provincial Parks Opening for Season
1996 Arts and Letters Competition winners announced

May 29
participants, musicians, artists and artisans are return from International Festival

May 31
Ministerial statement - Tourism Awareness Month
1996 Arts and Letters competition winners announced


June 3
1996 Newfoundland and Labrador Games, Regional qualifying competitions announced

June 11
Ministerial Statement - Art Procurement Program review released
Ministerial Statement - Air Access Study Released

June 18
Ministerial Statement - Projects for Gros Morne National Park

June 19
Corporate sponsorship to be announced for Cabot Celebrations

Labatt Breweries Newfoundland becomes first corporate sponsor for John Cabot Celebrations
Newtel announced as a major corporate sponsor for 1997 Cabot Celebrations


July 19
Proposal for sport fishing lodge on Eagle River

July 25
The Scarlet Riders Challenge Grand Finale
Marble Mountain privatization enters next phase


August 6
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club to hold news conference, August 9

August 13
Cape St. Mary's Interpretation Centre to officially open, August 14

August 21
Province's finest musicians invited to perform in the Big Apple

August 28
American Association to name Newfoundland and Labrador tourism event as top event in Canada

August 29
American Bus Association names Matthew Visit the number one tourism event in Canada for 1997

August 30
Select provincial parks to remain open for fall


September 3
Viking Trail Region to benefit from federal-provincial support

September 6
Newfoundland and Labrador Volleyball Association to host series of National Coaching Certification Program technical courses

September 9
Notre Dame Provincial Park to Remain Open Throughout September

September 10
New inductees to the Sports Hall of Fame announced

September 12
Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association to host the Cross Country Running Series

September 16
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference - Marble Mountain

September 17
Government puts Marble Mountain privatizaton initiative on hold

September 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: Tow-out festivities for the Hibernia Platform to be announced

September 19
Tow Out Committee - Oil Development Council to sponsor Tow out celebrations for the Hibernia Platform

September 24
Newfoundland Historical Society - Major plans for 1997 Cabot Quincentenary to be announced, September 26


October 2
Awarding of Cabot Pageantry Contract to American Company

October 4
Ministers announces partnership with president of Voisey's Bay Nickel Company Limited in support of the Labrador Winter Games

October 11
Mary March and Seamen's Museums to become seasonal facilities

October 16
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - Workshops to be held for volunteers

October 17
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Athletic Federation - Slo-Pitch Championship Series begin
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Athletic Federation - Soccer season comes to an end

October 22
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Athletic Federation - Provincial 4A Girls Slo-Pitch and Cross Country Running

October 23
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - E. Annie Proulx to participate in Cabot Summit of the Sea

October 24
Provincial Archives Unveils New National Convention Exhibit

October 25
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - Early Start of Cabot 500 Celebration

October 29
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - Fraudulent Solicitation of Donations


November 1
Chef de mission announced for the 1997 Canada Summer Games
Recreation and Sport Division of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation seeking proposals to host Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games in February of 1998

November 5
Coaching Council of Newfoundland and Labrador - Series of coaches seminars during November in St. John's, Gander and Labrador City

November 12
"LABRADOR - on the Edge" - Largest Labrador Cultural Exhibition, Toronto, Nov 12 - 15
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - Cabot 500 Celebrations receives more international recognition through awards ceremony in London, England

November 18
John Cabot (1997) 500th Anniversary Corporation - VISTA '97 Produce Commemorative Music Recording

November 21
King George IV Ecological Reserve established

November 22
Request for proposals to study province's Arts and Culture Centres Being Studied

November 28
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Athletic Federation - Island 2A girls and boys volleyball tournaments


December 2
Ministerial Statement - New and Aggressive Marketing Initiative for Cabot 500
Provincial boys A and 3A volleyball championships

December 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Sponsorship agreement announced for 1997 Canada Summer Games
Brookfield Dairy Group becomes Corporate Sponsor for 1997 Canada Summer Games

December 9
Launch of Cultural Tourism Award

December 10
National Coaching Certification Council accepts nomination of local coach

December 12
Newfoundland and Labrador High School Athletic Federation - Provincial Volleyball

December 16
Major Corporate Sponsors to be Announced for Cabot 500 Event

December 17
Major corporate sponsors announced for FESTIVAL 500 Sharing the Voices

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