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Finance - 1996

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January 17
Details of new Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit announced


March 4
Public consultation meetings set for Labrador, Western and Central Newfoundland, and St. John's

March 6
Minister to hold news conference, March 6 - Subject: Response to Federal Budget

March 13
Pre-budget public consultation meeting set for Marystown and Clarenville


April 17
Details of the Canada Pension Plan's Public Consultation Process in Newfoundland and Labrador

April 23
Minister to hold news conference, April 23 -- Subject: Tax harmonization
Ministerial Statement - Sales tax harmonization

April 26
Government advises of a change in budgetary shortfall forecast


May 7
Premier Tobin calls upon federal government to proceed with approval of constitutional amendment to Term 17
Budget Speech to be delivered May 16

May 10
Agenda for Budget Lock-In

May 13
Canada Pension Plan public consultation session, St. John's, May 14

May 16
Minister of Finance delivers 1996-97 Budget


July 5

Two individuals from Northern Peninsula convicted under Retail Sales Tax Act


October 2

Minister of finance responds to comments made by Opposition Leader on Harmonization

October 7

Credit rating agencies confirm province's rating

October 22

Minister to hold news conference, October 23 Subject: Sales Tax Harmonization

October 23

Province Signs Detailed Agreement on Harmonization of Sales Taxes


November 18
Ministerial statement - Midyear update on financial position for 1996-97 fiscal year

November 28
Ministerial statement - Release of Quarterly Economic Review - November 1996


December 13
Ministerial statement - Decrease in RST on vehicle sales

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