Statements 1999 - By Date

MarchMay, November, December


March 18
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Province develops first-class sporting venues

March 19
Education - Labrador West Mining Centre for Excellence at College of the North Atlantic
Industry, Trade and Technology - Update on province's trade mission to Latin America

March 23
Development and Rural Renewal - Y Entrepreneurship Conference
Education - Skip-A-Lunch program

March 24
Works, Services and Transportation- Water Bomber Contract

March 25
Works, Services and Transportation- St. John's Hospital Redevelopment Program
Government Services and Lands- Challenging Responses to Changing Times: New Proposals for Occupation Regulation

March 26
Executive Council- Two collective agreements reached
Forest Resources and Agrifoods- Agricultural Safety Nets Agreement
Education- Regional Economic Development in the schools

March 29
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Fishing industry
Health and Community Services - Workload issues for nurses
Mines and Energy - C-NOPB Call for Bids

March 30
Executive Council - Back to Work Legislation

March 31
Executive Council - 50th Anniversary of Confederation with Canada


April 1
Environment and Labour- Voisey's Bay Environmental Assessment Panel Report
Industry, Trade and Technology - Americana '99

April 28
Fisheries and Aquaculture - S.C.B. Fisheries
Executive Council - Reappointment to Cabinet of Beaton Tulk
Executive Council - Wallace Pike's passing
Environment and Labour - National Day of Mourning

April 29
Executive Council - Name change of province
Works, Services and Transportation - Coastal Link Road
Mines and Energy - Voisey's Bay
Executive Council - Progress of current round of collective bargaining

April 30
Industry, Trade and Technology - Minister pays tribute to Mr. Austin Lloyd Garrett
Education - Establishment of 15 community access sites


May 3
Tourism, Culture, and Recreation - Funding for feasibility study for H.M.S. Sapphire Interpretation Centre
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - National Forestry Week
Industry, Trade, and Technology - Success of two recent trade missions

May 4
Environment and Labour - North American Drinking Water Week
Strategic Social Plan

May 5
Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Tourism Awareness Month

May 6
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Contributions of the Conservation Corps
Fisheries and Aquaculture - FRCC 1999 Report

May 10
Executive Council - Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement in Principle
Health and Community Services - National Children's Agenda
Health and Community Services - Nursing Shortages

May 11
Health and Community Services - Amendment to tobacco control act
Education - CareerSearch

May 12
Health and Community Services - Nursing Scholarship
Executive Council - Status of Friede Goldman Newfoundland's operations at Marystown
Works, Services and Transportation - Gulf Ferry Service
Mines and Energy - Mining Week

May 13
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - New Municipalities Act
Finance - Review of tax policy
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Outlook for fishery in 1999

May 14
Education - School construction and renovation plans
Mines and Energy - Offshore drilling activity
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Recreational salmon angling

May 17
Environment and Labour - North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
Human Resources and Employment - The National Child Benefit Progress Report: 1999
Works, Services and Transportation - Meeting with the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Municipal Government Awareness Day

May 18
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Status of multi-year accelerated capital works program

May 19
Executive Council - Public information program regarding Aboriginal land claims
Human Resources and Employment - Single Parent Employment Support Program and Women Interested in Successful Employment
Works, Services and Transportation - Report reviewing the boundaries of C. A. Pippy Park

May 20
Works, Services and Transportation - Introduction of bill to amend Public Tendering Act

May 25
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Condolences offered to Woodford family
Mines and Energy - Deer Cove talc/gold deposit
Executive Council - Kosovo refugees
Human Resources and Employment - Newfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit

May 26
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Update on programs in the agrifoods sector
Health and Community Services - Agreement reached with emergency room doctors

May 27
Industry, Trade and Technology - New England trade mission survey results
Development and Rural Renewal - New soft-shell clam operation for Burgeo


November 16
Finance - Mid-year Financial Statement
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Government-Industry Working Group on Fisheries
Industry, Trade and Technology - Initiatives in advanced technology sector

November 17
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Seminars on new Municipalities Act
Mines and Energy - Update on Churchill River Power Project
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Reports of Newfoundland Crop Insurance Agency and Livestock Owners Compensation Board

November 18
Development and Rural Renewal - Crafts Week
Health and Community Services - Teen Tobacco Team
Works, Services and Transportation - Update on underground fuel storage tanks
Environment and Labour - New Legislation Banning Bulk Water Removal from the Province

November 19
Mines and Energy - Report on sales as a result of Calls for Bids in the Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore area
Health and Community Services - National Child Day, November 20 and funding for autistic children
Industry, Trade and Technology - Mouyal Corporate Group approved for EDGE status
Education - Access and quality in post-secondary education

November 22
Credit Rating Upgrade
Education - Update on Ministerial Panel on Educational Delivery in the Classroom
Human Resources and Employment - Newfoundland and Labrador Work Info Net
Environment and Labour - Bill to Amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act

November 23
Fisheries and Aquaculture - Contribution of fishing industry to provincial economy
Forest Resorces and Agrifoods - Development of cranberry industry
Health and Community Services - THMs in drinking water

November 24
Industry, Trade and Technology - Canadian Industrial and Regional Benefits Program
Works, Services and Transportation - Larger school construction projects
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - De-inking facility

November 25
Mines and Energy - Voisey's Bay Nickel deposit
Industry, Trade and Technology - Operation ONLINE's annual report
Development and Rural Renewal - Progress of the Cabinet Committee on Jobs and Growth

November 26
Education - Grants for youth organizations

November 29
Health and Community Services - Provincial Tobacco Reduction strategy
Executive Council - Funding for the Strategic Social Plan

November 30
Human Resources and Employment - Single Parent Employment Support Program
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Supply management system for eggs in Canada
Health and Community Services - Prescription Drug Monitoring Pilot Program


December 1
Education - Grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for public libraries
Executive Council - Government's state of readiness for the Year 2000 issue

Health and Community Services - World AIDS Day

December 2
Mines and Energy - Transshipment Limited's Whiffen Head facility expansion completed
Municipal and Provincial Affairs -Water supply system in Eastport
Health and Community Services - Adoption Act

Works, Services and Transportation - Christmas Lights Across Canada Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 3
Education - Memorial University's Opportunity Fund
Environment and Labour - Status of two-year fish price pilot project
Forest Resources and Agrifoods - 1999 forest fire season

December 6
Justice - Tribute to province's high sheriff

Executive Council - Montreal Massacre and violence against women

Human Resources and Employment - Labour force statistics for Newfoundland and Labrador

Executive Council - Legal name change of Newfoundland

December 7
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Chiefs and Firefighters present annual brief to the Social Policy Committee
Development and Rural Renewal - Update on information sessions for province's manufacturing industry

December 8
Works, Services and Transportation - Gulf ferry service

December 9
Executive Council - Opening hours for bars for New Years Eve

Tourism, Culture and Recreation - Increases in non-resident visitation to province

Industry, Trade and Technology - New business endeavor in province

Mines and Energy - Bill amending Electrical Power Control Act and Public Utilities Act

December 10
Executive Council - Nurses in Labrador

Forest Resources and Agrifoods - Cutting of Christmas trees

Human Resources and Employment - Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Resources and Employment - Human Rights
Additional funding for employment programs

December 13
Executive Council - New facility to house three heritage institutions

Fisheries and Aquaculture - Overview of fishing industry's performance for 1999

December 14
Education -Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Government Services and Lands - New On-Line Personal Property Registry System
Municipal and Provincial Affairs - Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities

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