Fisheries and Land Resources
July 11, 2017

Forest Fire Hazard Information Now Available Online

Forest fire hazard rating information is now available online to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. Two new Forest Fire Hazard maps are providing the public with valuable information about the risk of wildfire occurring throughout the province. One map displays current fire weather indices while the other shows upcoming forecast information.

The maps can now be viewed on the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources website at The Forest Fire Hazard maps outline 23 fire management zones throughout the province enabling users to determine the potential fire hazard risk with greater precision.

The fire hazard is a relative rating of how easy it is to ignite forest vegetation and fuels, how fast a fire may spread and how difficult a fire may be to control. It is calculated using real time data collected from 22 weather stations strategically located throughout the province. This data enables fire managers to quickly forecast and manage the risk of fires and provides the public with the ability to assess the current fire risk and plan forest fire prevention practices appropriately.

The public are reminded that all permits to burn issued during forest fire season are no longer valid when a high, very high, or extreme fire hazard rating exists in the locality for which the permit has been issued. It is the responsibility of permit holders to adhere to all conditions outlined on permits to burn including the stipulation that a permit may also be invalid when the wind speed is greater than 15 kilometres per hour.

Forest Fire Hazard information is also posted and regularly updated on signage outside of Forest Service depots and other locations around the province. The public can report wildfires by calling 1-866-709-FIRE (3473).

"The ability to access forest fire hazard data in a timely fashion provides forest managers with a valuable tool to monitor wildfire potential and make emergency response around the province more efficient. This new online service also gives residents, who are either engaging in forest-related activities or planning to visit various regions of the province, prompt access to important weather and safety information."
Honourable Steve Crocker
Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources

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