Fisheries and Land Resources
April 04, 2017

Provincial Government Requests Auditor General to Conduct Audit

The Provincial Government, pursuant to section 16 of the Auditor General Act, will request the Auditor General to investigate policies and procedures and determine if appropriate controls are in place with respect to government assets within the wildlife division of the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources.

Following a regular internal review of inventory processes, the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources has determined there are some anomalies in inventory controls. The next course of action is to ask the Auditor General to conduct a formal audit into the policies and procedures for government assets. The department has also referred the matter to the RCMP to review the anomalies in the inventory of assets.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is fully committed to have the inventory of all assets monitored according to government policies and procedures.

A further update will be provided upon completion of the Auditor General’s report and findings.

“With the restructuring of the new Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, I became aware that there are serious concerns about the policies and procedures of the inventory of government assets within the wildlife division. These issues are significant enough that I have requested the Auditor General to conduct an audit and I have asked the RCMP to review this matter as well. We know that any policies and procedures we have in place for government assets must be done with transparency and accountability in mind. These investigations will help us ensure we meet this objective.”
Honourable Steve Crocker
Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources

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