Environment and Conservation
May 2, 2016

Public Advisory: Hunting and Trapping Guide Updates

The Department of Environment and Conservation advises of changes to the 2016-17 Hunting and Trapping Guide, released in April. The department will end some of the programs involving submission of wildlife parts that were previously required or requested from licensed hunters and trappers. This comes after a review to guide decisions in Budget 2016-17, ensuring programs remain relevant and efficient. The department no longer requires:

  • Submission of the lower jawbones of moose and caribou; and
  • Submissions of black bear skulls and jawbones;

As well, skull cleaning, coyote carcass collection and lynx carcass collection will be discontinued. Fee payments for all carcass submissions have also been discontinued effective immediately.

The submission of accidentally-captured animals, including Newfoundland marten, eagles, lynx and other species is still required. Beaver and lynx pelt registrations from licensed trappers are also still required.

The submission of polar bear skulls and samples as a condition of the licence will continue, and Labrador hunters and trappers are still required to submit the entire skull or lower jawbone of harvested wolves, until further notice.

These changes are being introduced in an effort to re-align wildlife management programming and focus effort on priority species using advanced technology and techniques. All wildlife populations will continue to be managed effectively and efficiently using a combination of data collection, population modelling and hunter and trapper licence return submissions.

The following fees have been modified as part of Budget 2016-17:

Effective for 2016-17 licences:

  • Resident individual or family salmon licences have increased from $17 to $23;
  • Resident individual salmon licences for seniors have increased from $11.05 to $14.95.

Effective immediately:

  • Resident wolf shooting licence (Labrador) has increased from $25 to $33;
  • Resident wolf shooting licence (Labrador) for seniors has increased from $16.25 to $21.45;

The 2016 Hunting and Trapping Guide is available online at www.env.gov.nl.ca/env/wildlife/pdf/Hunting_Trapping_Guide.pdf

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