Transportation and Works
August 19, 2015

Improving Road Infrastructure for Communities and Families

Provincial Government Awards Tender for Road Work in Bonavista North and South Districts

A total of $2.1 million has been allocated for road work this construction season in Bonavista South and Bonavista North under the Provincial Roads Program. The tenders for the road work were awarded last month to J-1 Contracting Limited of Clarenville.

“Various road projects have been identified for communities around Bonavista Bay under the Provincial Roads Program this year. These projects are part of our aggressive schedule of work for this construction season which is being supported through total funding of just over $76 million. This not only helps support the economic development of rural communities but provides for safe transportation networks for communities and families.”
- The Honourable David Brazil, Minister of Transportation and Works

The following work will be completed in Bonavista North:

  • Pulverize and pave 1.6 km of Route 330 near Main Point intersection; and
  • Asphalt levelling for one km of Route 330-13 at Carmanville South.

“Improving transportation infrastructure remains a challenge. The announcement of these projects furthers our government's commitment to our citizens. It provides safe transportation and improved access to our region for a variety of developments and is another example of the balanced choices of this year's budget.”
- Eli Cross, MHA for Bonavista North

The following areas will undergo pulverizing and paving in Bonavista South:

  • Sections of Route 235 at Southern Bay;
  • Sections of Route 235 at Knight’s Cove; and
  • A section of Route 238 near Elliston.

“Improvements to transportation and road work is very important to Bonavista South. Government continues to support economic development and a growing tourism industry on the Bonavista Peninsula.”
- Glen Little, MHA for Bonavista South

Budget 2015 allocated $317.9 million in priority infrastructure projects, including $204 million for provincial roads, bridges and other road work. High quality transportation infrastructure is integral to the social and economic growth of Newfoundland and Labrador, which are key elements of the recently launched Population Growth Strategy.


  • A total of $2.1 million is being invested this construction season for road work around Bonavista Bay.
  • Over $1.3 million is allocated in Bonavista South to pulverize and pave sections of Route 235 and 238. Over $760,000 is allocated in Bonavista North to pulverize and pave part of Route 330 and to level asphalt on part of Route 330-13.
  • Just over $76 million has been allocated for the Provincial Roads Program this year, an increase of $6 million.

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