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August 21, 2015

Strong Workforce Supports Population Growth

Provincial Government Releases Labour Market Outlook 2025

To ensure Newfoundland and Labrador has a highly skilled workforce and favourable conditions to growing the population, the Provincial Government today released Labour Market Outlook 2025 at Academy Canada in St. John's. The report includes timely information about the provincial workforce, labour demands, employment outcomes, and helps answer important questions about current and emerging job prospects for the next 10 years.

"As major construction projects in the province enter their next phases, we need to ensure individuals entering the workforce have the labour market information they need to make informed decisions about their education and careers. Labour Market Outlook 2025 achieves this and provides critical data and a detailed outlook of the provincial labour market landscape, including current and emerging employment, labour supply and occupational trends. This report is a key resource to help achieve the objectives of the Population Growth Strategy, particularly key actions under the Workforce Development Action Plan."
- The Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills

Labour Market Outlook 2025 forecasts almost 64,000 job openings between 2015 and 2025. Approximately 80 per cent of all job openings in this period will be among the following occupational categories:

  • Business, finance and administration;
  • Sales and service;
  • Management;
  • Health;
  • Occupations unique to primary industry.

Labour Market Outlook 2025 anticipates a fluctuation in employment over the next decade based on major project employment cycles. This follows the winding down of development phases of large projects like Hebron and Muskrat Falls over the next three years. Beginning in 2019, however, the number of workers is expected to increase by about 12,000 by 2025 as major project expansion resumes.

"It is crucial that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador have access to the most up-to-date labour market information offered in Labour Market Outlook 2025. I congratulate the Provincial Government for taking on this monumental task and producing a document that is comprehensive and timely."
- James Loder, Director of Community Relations, Academy Canada

Industries that are expected to experience the largest increase in employment include:

  • Health care and social assistance;
  • Mining and oil and gas extraction;
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation/accommodation and food services;
  • Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing;
  • Wholesale and retail trade.

"A key priority of the Premier's Youth Advisory Committee is to ensure youth have access to information about the province's current labour market and are adequately supported to make important decisions about their futures. We certainly see the benefit of Labour Market Outlook 2025, which will help youth make informed career choices now, and learn about their options for pursuing life goals."
- Jane Cooze, Premier's Youth Advisory Committee

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  • The Department of Advanced Education and Skills today released Labour Market Outlook 2025.
  • Almost 64,000 job openings are forecasted between 2015 and 2025, including sales and service, management, health, business, finance and administration.
  • Approximately 57 per cent of job openings available from 2015 to 2025 will be in occupations that are in management or require some form of post-secondary education.
  • This report is a key resource to help achieve the objectives of the Population Growth Strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly key actions under the Workforce Development Action Plan. For more information, visit .

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