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News releases regarding the Labour Relations Agency issued prior to October 19, 2012, can be found at Department of Department of Environment and Conservation.


January 12
Appointments Made to the Human Rights Commission and Panel of Adjudicators

January 24
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meeting of Justice Ministers

January 27
Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Discuss Key Justice and Public Safety Issues Facing Canadians


February 1
Minister Announces Judicial Appointments


March 7
Thermal Imaging Cameras Announced for Provincial Ground Search and Rescue Teams

March 13
Ministerial Statement - Canine Therapy Program Continues to Grow at Correctional Facilities

March 16
Human Rights Commission - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 20
Amendment to Act Allows for Easier Access to Disability Saving Plans

March 27
New RCMP Contract Reached for Newfoundland and Labrador

March 29
Ministerial Statement - Minister Welcomes New Leaders of RCMP



April 20
Media Campaign Highlights Services Available for Victims of Crime

April 24
Responsible Social Investments in Budget 2012 Include $150 Million for Poverty Reduction
Building Prosperity: Infrastructure Investments Promote Sustainable Success
Labradorians Continue to Benefit from Northern Strategic Plan Investments

April 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Discuss Details of New RCMP Infrastructure Plan

April 27
Five-Year Plan Details Infrastructure Program for RCMP

April 30
Ministerial Statement - Successful Program Helps Inmates Transition into Community


May 7
Ministerial Statement - Chief of RNC Is Appointed an Officer of the Order of Merit of Police Forces

May 14
Ministerial Statement - Minister Recognizes Police during National Police Week

May 15
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend International Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

May 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Address School Administrators Conference

May 31
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Canadian Foster Family Association Conference
New Act Expands Scope of Service Animals


June 8
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend RCMP Awards Ceremony

June 11
Media Advisory: Minister to Outline Amendments to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Proposed Amendments Will Strengthen Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

June 14
Statement by the Honourable Felix Collins, Minister of Justice and Attorney General

June 15
House of Assembly Passes Amendments to Access to Information Legislation

June 18
Government Introduces Amendment to Establish Child Death Review Process

June 20
Ministerial Statement - Mental Health Court Provides Important Support to Participants

June 22
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Judicial Swearing-In

June 29
Media Advisory: Ministers to Participate in Ceremonies to Commemorate the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel


July 16
Human Rights Commission - Human Rights Commission Celebrates Pride Week with Newfoundland and Labrador LGBTQ Community

July 19
Senior Appointments Made for Office of the Public Trustee
Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Target Poachers with Thermal Imaging Technology

July 23
Joint Operation between Fish and Wildlife Enforcement and DFO Fishery Guardians Results in Arrest


August 8
Media Advisory: Minister to Lay Wreath at Memorial Service for Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Day

August 13
Media Advisory: Ministers to Announce Funding for Victim Services
Minister Announces Judicial Appointments

August 14
Victims of Crime in Newfoundland and Labrador Benefit from Government of Canada Funding


September 7
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Officers Promoted
Media Advisory: Premier to Speak at Opening of International Women Police Conference

September 18
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Judicial Swearing-In

September 20
Department Receives Peer Review Report of Psychiatric Services in Corrections

September 21
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Judicial Swearing-In

September 26
Media Advisory: Minister to Speak at Fall Meeting of Crown Counsel

September 28
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Service


October 4
Premier Welcomes New RCMP Commanding Officer

October 5
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Turnings 20th Anniversary Celebration

October 10
Three People Convicted of Big Game Poaching

October 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Corrections Exemplary Service Medals Ceremony

October 17
Corrections Exemplary Service Medals Awarded

October 18
Public Advisory: PARE Preparation Sessions Get Underway

October 29
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meeting of Justice Ministers



November 5
Media Advisory: Minister to Release External Review of Psychiatric Service in Newfoundland and Labrador Corrections

November 5
Provincial Government Releases External Review of Psychiatric Services in Corrections;
Minister Outlines Plan to Implement Recommendations

November 6
Labour Relations Agency - Public Advisory: 2013 Shops Closing Holidays


December 3
Human Rights Commission: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 6
Labour Relations Agency - Provincial Minimum Wage Report Released

December 7
Media Advisory: Attorney General and Minister Available to Media
Provincial Government Disappointed with Supreme Court Decision; Remains Confident that Expropriation Allowed Return of Resources to the People

December 10
Ministerial Statement - International Human Rights Day Recognized in Our Province
Human Rights Commission Recognizes and Celebrates Human Rights Day

December 11
Corrections Staff and Inmates Give Back to Community

December 18
Ministerial Statement - RNC Promotes First Female to Sergeant in Labrador City

December 19
Inmates and Staff Donate Vegetables to Food Bank

December 24
Significant Justice Priorities Addressed in 2012

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