Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2012

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January 5
Funding Supports Future Growth of Aquaculture Industry
Media Advisory: Minister King to Provide Update on Decision on OCI Proposal

January 6
Ocean Choice International Denied Permanent Redfish Exemption

January 10
New Marketing Initiatives Undertaken with Funding from Provincial Government

January 16
Funding Provided for Students to Experience Arctic Adventures

January 23
Conference Allows Youth to Explore Marine Opportunities

January 30
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meeting of Atlantic Ministers of Aquaculture and Fisheries in New Brunswick


February 1
Media Advisory: Minister King to Participate in Seal Day on the Hill

February 9
Media Advisory: Minister King to Issue a Decision on OCI Proposals
Ocean Choice Internationalís Redfish and Yellowtail Proposals Rejected by Provincial Government

February 14
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Aquaculture Conference

February 15
2011 Marks Another Record Year for Aquaculture in Newfoundland and Labrador

February 23
Fish Oil Biodiesel Research Supported by the Provincial Government

February 27
Minister Takes Exception to Comments Made by FFAW Regarding Future of Fishery


March 8
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Atlantic Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers Conference

March 9
Seafood Industry Year in Review Released
Newfoundland and Labrador Delegation to Attend Annual International Boston Seafood Show
Fisheries Ministers Focus on Economic Prosperity in Atlantic Canada

March 16
Opposition Refuses to Debate the Fishery in the House of Assembly

March 21
Ministers Express Condolences on the Passing of Fur Institute of Canada Chairman
Tender Announced for New Biosecure Wharf in Harbour Breton

March 27
Ministerial Statement - Provincial Government Encouraging Youth Involvement in the Fishery of the Future


April 4
Ministerial Statement - Fisheries Innovation Funding Program Continues to Benefit Province
House of Assembly Passes Amended Motion Regarding the Fishery

April 5
Media Advisory: Minister to Make Significant Announcement to Support Sealing Industry
Provincial Government Loan Boosts 2012 Seal Hunt

April 18
Media Advisory: Minister to Highlight Seal Product Marketing Initiatives
Local Company Attending Fur Exposition with Assistance from Provincial Government

April 24
A Prosperous Economy and Renewable Energy Future Fueled by Budget 2012
Building Prosperity: Infrastructure Investments Promote Sustainable Success

April 25
House of Assembly Passes Motion Regarding Sealing Industry

April 26
Ministerial Statement - Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research Supports Provincial Fishery


May 1
Ministerial Statement - Budget 2012: People and Prosperity Provides Strong Support for Fishing and Aquaculture Industries

May 4
Provincial Government Urges Senate of Canada to Defeat Liberal Motion to Abolish the Seal Harvest

May 15
Contract Awarded for Construction of a New Aquaculture Wharf in Harbour Breton

May 17
Media Advisory: Ministers to Introduce an Important Initiative to Support Fish Harvesters

May 18
Fish Harvesters to Benefit from Enhanced Program

May 23
Ministerial Fisheries Committee Provides Update on Assistance for Fish Plant Workers and Regions Affected by Closures

May 29
Ministerial Statement - 2012 Seal Harvest a Success While Demand for Seal Products Increasing


June 1
Media Advisory: Minister to Highlight Fisheries Research Funding Aboard RV Celtic Explorer

June 4
Budget 2012 Investment Continues Strong Commitment to Fisheries Ecosystems Research
Amendments to Legislation Aim to Modernize and Enhance Operation and Oversight of Aquaculture Industry

June 8
World Oceans Day 2012 Encourages Ocean Conservation and Protection
Media Advisory: Minister to Celebrate World Oceans Day at the Marine Institute

June 11
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Grand Opening of The Natural Boutique

June 20
Ministerial Statement - Provincial Government Launches New Childrenís Book

June 21
Minister Provides Update on Progress in Supporting Displaced Fish Plant Workers

June 29
Media Advisory: Provincial Government to Commemorate 20th Anniversary of Cod Moratorium


July 6
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media

July 12
Aquaculture Production Safe and Environmentally Sustainable

July 25
New Project to Remotely Detect Lost Crab Pots


August 28
Displaced Fish Plant Workers from Jacksonís Arm Receive Assistance

August 29
Over Half a Million Dollars for Employment Support Projects in Labrador

August 30
Employment Support Project will Enhance Community Centre in St. Brideís


September 4
New Funding Supports Barry Group to Explore New Seafood Marketing Opportunities

September 12
Media Advisory: Minister to Address at Association of Seafood Producers Meeting

September 21
Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Significant Milestone for New Sealers Memorial in Elliston

September 25
Media Advisory: Ministers to Launch Fish Harvesting Safety Association

September 26
Industry-led Fisheries Safety Association to Help Save Lives at Sea

September 28
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate at International Fisheries Symposium


October 15
New Marketing Initiative Supported by Provincial Government

October 24
Satellite Tagging Project for Atlantic Cod Receives More Funding
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Fisheries Council of Canada Annual Conference


November 2
Funding Announced to Develop Newfoundland and Labrador Seafood Nutritional Information Package

November 5
Media Advisory: Minister to Make Aquaculture Announcement in St. Albanís

November 6
New Funding Supports Expansion of Gray Aqua Group Salmon Farms

November 7
Additional $1 Million Provided for Expansion of Aquaculture Wharf in Poolís Cove

November 8
Aquaculture Industry Growth Attracts New Business to Grand Falls-Windsor

November 19
Ministerial Statement - Aquaculture Development Continues Throughout Newfoundland and Labrador
Official Opposition Suggests the Provincial Government Forfeit One Thousand Jobs in Aquaculture

November 20
Ministerial Statement - Strong Investment Has Built a Strong Aquaculture Industry

November 21
Provincial Government Recognizes World Fisheries Day

November 27
Provincial Workshop to Explore Fishing Vessel Design, Efficiency and Safety

November 30
Media Advisory: Minister to Participate in Launch of Fishing Vessel Stability E-Simulator
Additional Funding Will Support Fishing Vessel Stability E-Simulator


December 3
Media Advisory: Minister Dalley to Meet with Federal Minister Shea

December 13
Funding Provided to Support the Canadian Sealers Association

December 18
Ministerial Statement - Carino Processing Limited Provides First Installment of Seal Industry Loan Repayment
CFIA Confirms a New Case of ISA at Aquaculture Site
Media Advisory: Minister and Provincial Aquaculture Veterinarian to Speak with the Media

December 21
Media Advisory: Minister to Announce Details of Agreements with Ocean Choice International
New Agreements with OCI Revitalize Fortune Fish Plant Operation
New Fisheries Opportunity for Yellowtail Flounder Announced

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