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November 7, 2012

New Online Resources for Schools Promote Safe, Ethical Use of the Internet

The Provincial Government has invested more than $40,000 for resources designed to teach students about the safe and ethical use of the Internet – particularly with respect to personal and private information posted online.

The online tutorials and resources are provided through MediaSmarts, a Canadian not-for-profit organization which promotes digital and media literacy. The resources are being provided in conjunction with Media Literacy Week (November 5-9), with this year’s theme being Privacy Matters.

“In a world filled with online technology and digital media, it is important that all young people learn to use the Internet wisely; recognizing credible sources of information, and avoiding activities that could put themselves or others at risk,” said the Honourable Clyde Jackman, Minister of Education. “These resources allow students to learn to use different types of digital and social media, but also to think critically about how they are using them. Are they revealing too much information? Are they putting themselves in danger? Are they engaged in online activities that would be hurtful, or even dangerous to others? These are important issues to address to ensure all of our children are safe in their online environments.”

The resources, which are being made available to all public schools, include:

Teachers and students access the resources, available in French and English, by logging on to a website with a username and password that has been supplied by their school.

“Because the information is so relevant in today’s world, I recommend all teachers and students take full advantage of these resources,” said Minister Jackman. “We all have a role to play in ensuring our young people are safely engaged on the Internet, and that they are mindful of the information they are sending and receiving. The Web Awareness Workshop which deals with cyber-bullying is particularly informative and I encourage schools and school districts to engage staff and parents in workshops on this subject.”

For more information on Media Literacy Week, visit: http://mediasmarts.ca/digital-media-literacy/media-literacy-week Opens in a new window.

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