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Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs
Municipal Affairs
July 20, 2011

Public Hearings to be Held on
Draft Land Use Plan for Labrador Inuit Settlement Area

A draft land use plan for the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area has been adopted-in-principle for the purpose of public hearings by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Nunatsiavut Government. Today, the Honourable Patty Pottle, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, and the Honourable Kevin O’Brien, Minister of Municipal Affairs, encouraged participation from all interested parties in upcoming public hearings on the draft plan that will guide future land use.

The hearings will be conducted by a commissioner appointed by the Regional Planning Authority. The hearings will take place in the five Inuit communities of Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville, and Rigolet, as well as Mud Lake, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, North West River and St. John’s. It is anticipated the hearings will begin in August with dates to be announced by the Regional Planning Authority.

Once the public hearings process is complete, the authority will consult both governments on the commissioner’s report. The authority may then revise the draft land use plan before submitting it to both governments for final decisions.

While stressing the importance of participation in the public hearings, Ministers Pottle and O’Brien noted that adoption-in-principle of the draft land use plan for public hearings does not signify an endorsement of the plan.

“We are at an important juncture in the development of a regional land use plan for the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area,” said Minister Pottle. “The upcoming public hearings will provide an important opportunity for the public and stakeholders to have input into the development of the plan. This plan will guide all future land use in the area, therefore I strongly encourage everyone with an interest to take part.”

“These hearings are an opportunity for those interested to have their say on the land use plan for the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area,” said Minister O’Brien. “Land use planning is a critical component of development and so participation by the public and interested groups is very important to the future of the affected areas. I look forward to the invaluable contribution these hearings will have on the process.”

In accordance with the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, the Regional Planning Authority was appointed in 2007 by both governments to direct preparation of a draft land use plan for the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area.


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