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Municipal Affairs
October 21, 2010

Employment Projects Available for Port Union Fish Plant Workers

The Provincial Government is providing $275,000 through the Community Enhancement Employment Program (CEEP) for employment support to assist fish plant workers displaced as a result of hurricane Igor damage to the Ocean Choice fish processing plant in Port Union.

"The Community Enhancement Employment Program is in place to provide support to individuals requiring short-term employment, and who require work to qualify for Employment Insurance," said the Honourable Kevin O’Brien, Minister of Municipal Affairs. "In response to unique hurricane-related employment concerns for workers in the Port Union fish plant, six projects have been identified for individuals requiring immediate employment. These projects have been approved, and meetings were held on Wednesday with project sponsors to ensure that projects begin as quickly as possible. The projects will be located in towns where those individuals affected by the plant closure live, and will include town hall renovations, improvements to a municipal park, upgrades to a walking trail, improvements to a picnic area and upgrades to a community pasture."

The Community Enhancement Employment Program provides funding to established community-based organizations to sponsor and manage employment projects. Workers can be employed for up to 420 hours in order to become eligible for Employment Insurance benefits. It is anticipated that 112 workers from the fish plant in Port Union are eligible for employment under this program.

"We anticipate that project sponsors will have work started as early as Monday of next week, and our government will continue to work with project sponsors and those affected to ensure that every opportunity is made available for employment," said Minister O’Brien.

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Director of Communications
Department of Municipal Affairs
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2010 10 21                                                        11:25 a.m.

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