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September 29, 2010

Public Advisory: Residents Encouraged to Ensure Mould Abatement
in Igor Affected Homes

Fire and Emergency Services Newfoundland and Labrador is reminding home owners affected by Hurricane Igor to take measures to ensure their personal safety. The following are guidelines to use while dealing with mould:

  • While cleaning up in a room where mould is present, people should wear a face mask and disposable gloves.
  • Residents may need to have their home professionally cleaned by a company specializing in mould abatement. Home owners are reminded to contact their insurance company to check coverage.
  • A cool, dry area minimizes mould growth.
  • Alternatively, textiles, furs, paper and books can be frozen until they are treated.
  • Wet mould will smear if wiped. Let it dry and, if possible, move the effected items outside to brush it off.
  • Mould spores can also be destroyed by lightly misting the item with isopropanol (rubbing alcohol).

For carpets and furniture:

  • Carpets soaked with sewage must be discarded.
  • Remove residual mud and soil from furniture, appliances, and other affected items.
  • If items are just damp, let the mud dry and then brush it off.

  • To test if material is dry, tape clear food wrap to the surface of the item. If the covered section turns darker than the surrounding material, it is still damp. Dry until this no longer occurs.
  • For upholstered furniture, residents should consult a professional to see what can be salvaged. In the meantime, remove cushions and dry separately. Do not remove upholstery. Raise furniture on blocks and place fans underneath.
  • Wooden furniture: remove drawers and open doors. Do not dry quickly or splitting may occur.

The Provincial Government is moving forward with its provincial disaster assistance program for those who qualify; however, home owners need to take initial steps to ensure safety is top of mind. FES-NL advises if you require further information or have questions, please call 1-888-395-5611.

Media contact:
Cheryl Gullage
Public Relations Specialist
Fire and Emergency Services-Newfoundland and Labrador
709-729-0857, 631-9962

2010 09 29                                                   4:20 p.m.

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