Municipal Affairs
January 28, 2009

Funding Announced for Engineering Design Phase
of Municipal Capital Works Program

An investment of $3.2 million will allow the early engineering phase of over 130 Municipal Capital Works projects across the province to begin. The Honourable Dianne Whalen, Minister of Municipal Affairs, announced today this funding through the 2009-10 Municipal Capital Works program (MCW). Minister Whalen is now in the process of advising over 90 municipalities and local service districts of these early engineering approvals.

"Projects approved for the engineering design phase will receive the funds required in order to proceed immediately with the preliminary engineering and design work," said Minister Whalen. "This process is beneficial in that it ensures that many important infrastructure projects can benefit from more detailed planning and design considerations, resulting in more accurate project estimates. In addition, the preliminary work on these projects can proceed while the application advances through the final stages of review. This ensures that the pace of development is not delayed."

Total project costs associated with these engineering design phase approvals are estimated at $43.9 million.

The MCW program provides for the development of cost-shared municipal infrastructure, including water and waste-water treatment, roads, recreational facilities and fire equipment. The provincial, federal and municipal governments all contribute to the MCW program. The 2008-2011 program is worth $405 million, with the Provincial Government contributing $253 million.

"Strategic investments in infrastructure such as roads, water and waste-water treatment are vital to the health, safety and vitality of our municipalities," said Minister Whalen. "Investments in infrastructure not only enhance the quality of life of our residents, but improve the climate for investment and contribute to the long-term sustainability of our municipalities."

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Media contact:
Jennifer Collingwood
Director of Communications
Department of Municipal Affairs
709-729-1983, 690-2498

2009 01 28                                                    9:45 a.m.

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