Environment and Conservation
May 21, 2009

The following statement was issued by the Honourable Clyde Jackman, acting Minister of Environment and Conservation. It was also read in the House of Assembly:

Provincial Parks System Enhanced Through Investment in T’Railway

I rise today to inform the House of a significant investment that we are making in our T’Railway Provincial Park system.

In February of last year we became aware of structures spanning both navigable and non-navigable waters which required attention to address public safety issues. At the time, officials from the Department of Environment and Conservation, along with bridge engineers from the Department of Transportation and Works, conducted an assessment of the structures along the T’Railway and developed a plan to address the concerns that were raised. I am delighted that we will spend $2 million this year to remove and replace bridges that are an important part of this valuable trail system.

We are working in partnership with the T’Railway Council, and tenders are now in development for the removal of bridge structures at Bear Cove Brook, Codroy North Branch, Morris Brook, Middle Brook, Robinson’s River East and Robinson’s River West. The tender has already closed for the removal of Crabbes River Bridge. The T’Railway Council has purchased five new bridges and they will be installed at Middle Brook, Morris Brook, Codroy North Branch, Robinson’s River East and Robinson’s River West.

Our government recognizes the significance and the integrity of the T’Railway system and of the absolute importance of ensuring public safety. We are committed to a provincial parks system that provides a high-quality and safe outdoor experience for residents and non-residents, and we recognize the integral role that the T’Railway plays in this system. We will continue to monitor the long-term operational requirements and viability of the entire T’Railway Provincial Park, and implement appropriate measures to ensure its sustainability.

Government is committed to protecting our natural environment. In fact, it is a priority for this government. We understand that a strong provincial parks system is key to helping us achieve our environmental protection goals, while also contributing to the development of our province’s eco-tourism industry. We recognize the balance we need to strike as we develop means to support the economic and social needs of residents and visitors in terms of our natural areas, while also protecting ecosystems and significant features in our parks.

2009 05 21                                                1:55 p.m.

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