Human Resources, Labour and Employment
February 29, 2008

Province Supports Two Murphy Centre Initiatives

The Provincial Government announced today that it is providing the Murphy Centre with $158,000, including a grant of $110,000 to support the development of a Community Career and Employment Co-ordination Model (CCECM) to strengthen community-based program delivery, and $48,000 to support moving forward with the Essential Skills and Work-based Program (ESWP) for individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.

The CCECM is a pilot initiative between the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment (HRLE) and 14 community service delivery partners. The Murphy Centre is leading the development and implementation of the project within the community.

"Our government values the role that community-based agencies serve in providing career and employment services for people who experience barriers in connecting to and maintaining their participation in the labour market," said the Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment. "The Community Career and Employment Co-ordination Model will strengthen the contribution of each partner agency, promote better alignment of services and help all of us to collectively meet the needs of the unemployed."

The CCECM will support communication, consistency and capacity building between government and its community partners, and enable a broader community-based career and employment strategy to be put in place. The improved co-ordination of community-based service delivery will complement other career and employment initiatives in the province.

The further development of the ESWP demonstrates that innovative community-driven approaches are an important consideration in meeting the challenges of persons with complex needs. The ESWP proposes to help these clients move towards greater self-sufficiency and independence. It will examine measures to help a person identify individual career and employment goals. It will focus on adapting labour market information to the needs of the person, developing core employability and interpersonal skills, writing a career plan, and participating in a paid work placement with an employer.

"Government is pleased to support the Murphy Centre as it moves forward with the development of The Essential Skills and Work-based Program. This approach holds great promise in helping highly challenged individuals find their place in the workplace," said Minister Skinner.

Since its inception in 1986, the Murphy Centre has worked with over 4,000 people in helping them meet their academic, career and life skills goals.

"The Murphy Centre appreciates moving forward with these two funding initiatives as it will help meet the needs of community agencies in the enhancement of client services and the development of strategies for clients facing significant career and employment barriers," said Tim Turner, Co-Director, Murphy Centre. "The commitment and support clearly shown by the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment is welcome and it demonstrates that government is listening and prepared to work with the community in a spirit of partnership."


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