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August 16, 2007

Repairs Continue to Storm-Damaged Roads

Roads throughout the Avalon and Burin Peninsulas that were damaged during Tropical Storm Chantal continue to be repaired. The Honourable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, today informed the public of the progress being made to damaged roads.

"Departmental staff worked diligently over the course of the last couple of weeks to improve road conditions in areas affected by this storm," said Minister Hickey. "There was a great deal of damage but crews worked around the clock to construct temporary access roads to areas that were cut off. We have issued emergency tenders to have permanent repairs completed and expect work to begin in very short order."

Emergency tenders have been called for permanent repairs in several areas and are as follows:

Tenders closed in the Conception Bay North area on August 10, 2007, and include:

  • Repairing a section of road at Bishop’s Cove including ditching and repaving;
  • Repairing Bryant’s Cove Bridge;
  • Completing shoulder repairs on Turkswater Road, Makinsons and at New Harbour Barrens;
  • Completing drainage repairs at Galway’s Brook and repairing South River Brook Bridge, both on Route 70, Harbour Grace;
  • Repaving a section of Gullies Road, Spaniard’s Bay; and,
  • Completing repairs of various sections of Route 70-20, Bryant’s Cove/Harbour Grace South.
  • Tenders for repairs in the Cape Shore area closed on August 13, 2007, and include:

  • Replacing culvert at Lear’s Cove Brook on Cape St. Mary’s Road and Distress Cove Brook on Fish Plant Road, St. Bride’s;
  • Replacing culvert at Swale’s Stream on Route 100;
  • Repairing drainage on Lear’s Cove road, St. Bride’s; and,
  • Repairing various washouts on Route 100, Ship Cove to Patrick’s Cove.
  • Tenders closed in the Bay Roberts area on August 14, 2007, and include:

  • Constructing a two-lane, temporary bridge at Arney’s Pond near Shearstown, Route 70. This bridge will remain in service until a permanent bridge can be constructed.
  • Tenders will close today, August 16, 2007, for repairs to Route 101, the Long Harbour Access Road. Repairs will include:

  • Replacing two culverts at Rattling Brook Big Pond; and,
  • Repairing various washouts on Route 101.
  • Tenders were called yesterday, August 15, 2007, for work in the Dildo-New Harbour area. Tenders will close on August 20, 2007, and include:

  • Repairing washouts at South Dildo on Route 80;
  • Repairing washouts on Brazil’s Road and a seawall at Old Shop;
  • Repairing a section of road at Higdon’s Hill and Williams Hill, New Harbour; and,
  • Repairing bridge washout, replacing culvert, and repairing other washouts on Spread Eagle Road near Old Shop.
  • Tenders were also called yesterday, August 15, 2007, for work in the Ship Harbour area. Tenders will close on August 20, 2007, and include:

  • Replacing of culverts at Bottom Brook, Little Rattling Brook, Big Rattling Brook, Murray’s Brook, and Fox Harbour Brook on Ship Harbour Road;
  • Installing overflow culvert and repairing washouts to Ship Harbour Brook on Ship Harbour Road;
  • Repairing washouts at various locations on Ship Harbour Road; and,
  • Replacing culvert on Southside Road, Fox Harbour.
  • The Department of Transportation and Works has estimated the cost of repairs to be approximately $6.5 million.

    "Many road repairs have been completed quickly and efficiently," said Minister Hickey. "However, motorists are still advised to exercise extreme caution when driving in these areas while temporary repairs are in place and permanent repairs are being completed."

    "There have been some concerns lately surrounding the size of culverts used in many areas," said Minister Hickey. "Culvert design is based on rainfall intensity data that is provided to us by Environment Canada, which is in the process of being updated. We will endeavour to replace culverts with larger ones which are sufficient for increased rainfall amounts."

    Minister Hickey stated that in many cases washouts of roads and failure of culverts are not always associated with size but with the physical condition of the culvert as a result of age. It can also be attributed to increased amounts of debris that accompany flash-flooding which can result in culverts backing up.


    Media contact:
    Tanya Simms
    Communications Specialist
    Department of Transportation and Works
    709-729-1758, 693-4908

    2007 08 16                                       12:30 p.m.


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