Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2007

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January 11
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Take Questions on FPI Limited
Government Supporting a Variety of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Initiatives

January 12
Government Supporting New Technology for Mussel Aquaculture Industry 

January 19
Hagfish Resource Studies Underway in NAFO Regions 3O and 3Ps

January 26
Province Pleased European Union Will Not Draft Ban on Seal Products


February 2
Government Supporting Cod Quality Assessment

February 8
Cod Pots to be Tested as Alternative Harvesting Method

February 14
Winners of Seafood Competition Heading to Boston Seafood Show

February 16
Delegation Heading to Nunavut to Explore Potential Alliances in Areas of Mutual Interest

February 19
Aquaculture Week Declared in Newfoundland and Labrador
Government Requests More Information Regarding Potential Sale by FPI

February 21
Media Advisory: Minister Available to Media to Address Questions on FPI

February 22
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA)

February 23
Opportunities for Cooperation and Partnership Identified in Nunavut

February 26
Government Hosting Workshop to Promote Fishing Vessel Safety

Province Supports Tax Reductions for Fishers

February 27
Province Extremely Disappointed with Germany’s Intention to Introduce National Ban on Seal Products



March 7
Vessel Safety Workshop Met With Tremendous Enthusiasm and Success

March 8
Government Releases 2006 Seafood Industry Year in Review

Atlantic Canadian Seafood Processors Explore Production Technology and Trends

March 9
Government Focused on Marketing Heading into Boston Seafood Show

March 13
Another Successful Year at Boston Seafood Show

March 14
Newfoundland and Labrador Will Stand Strong and Proud Against Anti-Sealing Groups in Ottawa

March 15
Government Continues to Protect the Public Interest in Potential Sale of FPI Assets

March 23
Government Launches Sealing Industry Web Site

March 28
Government Congratulates Carino Company on 50th Anniversary

March 29
Media Advisory: Banquet of Straits – St. Barbe Chamber of Commerce AGM Cancelled

March 30
Minister Meets with Delegation from Russia


April 5
New Training Program for Fish Inspectors a First in Canada

April 12
Media Advisory: Ministers Hearn and Rideout to Announce Outcomes of the Fishing Industry Renewal Initiative
Renewing the Newfoundland and Labrador Fishing Industry

April 16
Atlantic Seafood Buyers and Sellers Head to World’s Largest Seafood Event

April 26
Taking Action to Achieve Our Vision of a Prosperous Newfoundland and Labrador: Investing in Economic Development and Diversification
Turning Vision into Action: New Strategy Fuels R&D Momentum


May 1
Government Ownership of FPI Groundfish Quotas Will Provide Significant Long-Term Benefits

May 4
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Media on Fishery Products International Limited

Province Will Lose Important Opportunities as a Result of Federal Decision on FPI Groundfish Quotas

May 7
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Media on Meeting in Ottawa

May 28
Media Advisory: Premier and Minister to Provide Update on Sale of FPI Limited
Government Announces Approval in Principle for Sale of FPI Assets



June 6
Major Hurdle Cleared on European Union Shrimp Tariff

June 7
DFO and DFA Work Together to Manage Ocean and Coastal Areas

June 12
FPI Act Will Not Be Repealed Unless Final Agreements Are in Place

June 15
Media Advisory: Minister to Address Marine Institute Graduating Class

June 29
Government Commemorates 15th Anniversary of Cod Moratorium with New MUN Scholarship



July 11
Major Progress Made on European Union Shrimp Tariff

July 18
Provincial Government Questions Federal Commitment to Future of Fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador


August 1
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Flying Boat Festival International
Government to Provide Employment Adjustment Measures for Displaced Port aux Basques Plant Workers

August 10
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Aqua Nor 2007

August 14
Fisheries Minister Pleased with Productive Meetings in Norway

August 20
Minister Meets with Aquaculture Investors in Norway

August 23
Media Advisory: Minister to Announce Details of New Infrastructure for South Coast Aquaculture Industry

August 24
Government to Review Binding Agreements for the Sale of FPI

Government Moving Forward with New Aquaculture Infrastructure on Province's South Coast


September 20
Media Advisory: Minister to be Keynote Speaker at Aquaculture Showcase 2007


October 16
Media Advisory: Minister to Host Counterpart from New Brunswick

October 25
Provincial Government to Invest in Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program

October 26
Gourmet Seafood Manufacturer Set to Penetrate Export Markets



November 1
Changes to Fisheries Loan Guarantee Program Allow Harvesters to Access More Capital

Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Meetings of Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers

November 2
Government Concerned With Closure of Crab Plant at Trouty
Ministers Endorse Integrated Watershed Planning and Action on Eco-Labelling

November 5
Canadian Fisheries Ministers Agree to Work Together to Get the Facts Out on Sealing Harvest

November 6
Government Continues Seafood Marketing Efforts in China

November 8
Provincial Government Moves Forward with Fishing Industry Renewal Strategy

November 9
Provincial Government Working to Address Closure of Trouty Fish Plant

November 15
Media Advisory: Ministers to Hold News Conference

Employment Adjustment Measures Approved for Displaced Workers at Trouty Plant

November 16
Province Develops Opportunity to Break Into European Seafood Markets

November 21
Media Advisory: Minister to Attend Fisheries and Aquaculture Meetings in Ottawa
Media Advisory: Aquaculture Ministers to Hold News Conference (Version française)

November 22
Aquaculture Ministers Meet with Federal Ministers in Ottawa (Version française)

November 23
Atlantic Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers Tackle Economic Challenges Facing the Fishery

November 27
Crab Fishery Playing a Vital Role in the Province’s Economy
Media Advisory: Government Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Crab Fishery



December 7
Minister Concludes Productive Meeting with NAIA Board of Directors

December 12
Provincial Government Supports Development of E-Simulator

December 13
Fisheries Science and Cod Recovery Priorities for Government

December 17
Provincial Government Begins Process of Implementing Integrated Strategy for Displaced Plant Workers at Trouty

December 18
Fishing Industry Performance at Historic Levels in 2007: Total Value Approaches $1 Billion

December 20
Media Advisory: Minister Available Regarding Sale of FPI Limited
Binding Agreements Finalized For Sale of FPI Assets

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