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September 11, 2006
(Transportation and Works)

Minister to meet with Advisory Committee on Labrador Transportation and inspect Churchill River bridge

John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works, will be in Happy Valley-Goose Bay tomorrow (Tuesday, September 12) to meet with members of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Labrador Transportation and inspect the ongoing construction of the Churchill River bridge.

The minister’s advisory committee, which was established in February, will discuss, among other things, a ferry service review, an update on the Labrador Transportation Strategy and the progress in securing federal, cost-shared funding for application of a sealed surface on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

“This is my first meeting with the committee as minister and I’m very eager to get their input on these important issues regarding the future of Labrador transportation,” said Minister Hickey.

The committee will join Minister Hickey at the Churchill River bridge at 3 p.m. as he places a decking panel to help bolt down the deck, the latest phase of construction.

“This bridge is a shining example of the exciting things happening as the Trans-Labrador Highway continues to unfold nearing the completion date in 2009,” said Minister Hickey.

Located approximately eight kilometres upstream from the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, the crossing of the Churchill River bridge is one of the highlights of Phase III of the Trans-Labrador Highway. The crossing consists of a 500-metre causeway and a three span, 360-metre bridge.

Construction of the crossing commenced during the fall of 2004 with the completion of the first 140 metres of the causeway. The first span of the bridge was launched into position July 20, 2006, followed by the second span on August 23 and the final span on August 30.

The bridge bearings are currently being installed. The remaining work involves the installation of the decking support beams, the steel grid decking, railing, abutment backwalls and causeway grading. The bridge is scheduled for completion by mid-October 2006 and will be the second largest in the province and will contain the largest single span at 120 metres.

“I’m proud to say this bridge was assembled and erected by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, once again illustrating our abilities and skills as leaders in the construction industry,” said Minister Hickey.

Media representatives are invited to join Minister Hickey as he places a decking panel to help bolt down the deck of the Churchill River bridge. The Minister’s Advisory Committee on Labrador Transportation will also join the minister as he inspects the latest phase of construction. The event takes place at 3 p.m., Tuesday, September 12.

Media contact: David Salter, Communications, (709) 729-3015, 691-3577

2006 09 11                      12:50 p.m.

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