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Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2005
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February 4
Provincial government to examine FPI and FFAW proposal

February 10
Provincial government demonstrates commitment to Harbour Breton

February 22
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference Subject: Appointments to the Fish Processing Licensing Board

February 23
New Fish Processing Licensing Board to strengthen province’s fish processing policies

February 24
Province encouraged by permanent funding to combat overfishing


March 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: Technical briefing and news conference, March 2  Subject: 2004 Crab fishery
Government announces intentions for crab fishery

March 9
More, not less, federal spending on marine fisheries science is needed: Minister
Government remains committed to implementing sharing system for crab sector
Fish plant workers should benefit from stability of RMS pilot project: Minister

March 10
Seafood industry must emphasize quality and reliability

March 16
White coat seals manipulated in lobby groups’ fundraising campaign

March 18
Seafood industry performs well in 2004, but faces significant challenges in 2005

March 21
Restructuring to provide more global outlook on seafood

March 30
Government remains available to discuss crab harvesters’ concerns


April 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to participate in the Seafood 2010 Conference
Minister Taylor updates federal minister about fisheries and aquaculture issues

April 6
Lesson of fish stocks’ collapse is that industrial capacity must be constrained

April 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to news media

April 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister's letter appears in Globe and Mail, April 13

April 20
New Ferolle fish plant set to operate in 2005

April 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to media, Subject: Crab Fishery Issues
Government presents alternative position to FFAW for a one-year pilot project on RMS system, including independent evaluation panel


May 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister's speaking notes

May 6
Fishing conference over, now turn commitments to action: Minister

May 17
Government committed to crab sharing offer

May 20
Minister pleased crab fishery is opening
Ramea Cooperative Limited granted processing licence for whelk

May 31
Overfishing violations must be prosecuted regardless of where they occur


June 6
NOTE TO EDITORS: Technical briefing and media availability on FPI Income Trust Proposal

New FPI proposal to be subject of free vote in House of Assembly

June 14
Provincial government contributing to Aquaculture Canada trade show


July 4
Minister declares July 4-10 Aquaculture Week

July 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to speak at Aquaculture Canada Conference

July 13
Aquaculture Association of Canada elects president from Newfoundland and Labrador

July 14
Minister calls on federal government to implement task force report
Province clarifies its position on the recreational groundfish fishery

July 25
Province repeats calls for food fishery fairness from federal government


August 15
Minister requesting federal action on EU shrimp tariff

August 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference, August 24 Subject: Aquaculture Industry

August 24
Government supports aquaculture development on Connaigre Peninsula

August 26
Newfoundland and Labrador Minister touring N.B. aquaculture industry

August 31
Minister comments on New Ferolle and Englee


September 1
Minister supports conclusions of advisory panel

September 14
Minister meets with shrimp harvesting sector on problems facing industry

September 23
Minister comments on outcome of NAFO meeting

Premier and minister to meet with federal international trade minister

September 26
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier and Minister to meet with International Trade Minister

September 28
Province encouraged by meeting with federal minister

September 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to address House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans


October 3
Minister to attend resource ministers meetings

Government to issue call for proposals

October 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister and Portugal’s Minister of Agriculture available to media

October 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister and New Brunswick Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture to tour aquaculture facilities

October 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media tour cancellation

October 24
Minister announces funding for innovative aquaculture projects

October 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to speak at Trade Show 2005: Discovering Opportunities

October 31
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to media


November 2
Board will soon consider proposals for processing license

November 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Media availability, November 15, Ottawa. Subject: Aquaculture Initiative

Provinces showcase aquaculture industry in Canada’s capital     (Version française)

November 23
Fish processing will not be impacted by FPI purchase

Federal and provincial ministers release strategy for rebuilding Atlantic cod stocks

November 25
Government prepared to work for early retirement plan for fishery

November 28
Ministerial Statement - Aquaculture Promotion Initiative

November 29
Not listing cod as endangered right decision


December 6
Funding announced for Fisheries Stewardship Program in Placentia Bay

December 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Government to release report of RMS review committee

Government releases report by RMS review committee chair

December 14
Funding approved for research on hagfish abundance in NAFO 3O area

December 22
Government to issue call for licence applications for Englee

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