December 22, 2004
(Transportation and Works)


Minister announces schedule for 2005 Labrador Marine Coastal Service

Tom Rideout, Minister of Transportation and Works, today released the schedule for the 2005 Labrador Marine Coastal Service. This year the schedule is available earlier than any previous year, in order to more effectively serve those who depend on the ferry service. 

"People and businesses rely on the Labrador marine service as a basic and vital piece of provincial infrastructure," said Minister Rideout. "Our government will continue to develop the economy by effectively utilizing our transportation resources, including the Labrador Marine Service. 

"Our vision for the Labrador coastal marine service is to ensure convenient and cost-effective transportation for the region of Labrador. This early release of the ferry schedule will provide the residents and businesses of the region with the most benefits possible from this service. 

"Providing a stable and reliable ferry service to residents and local businesses has been the hallmark of the 2004 season," said Minister Rideout. "Our decision to reconfigure the service in 2004 brought stability to the coastal marine service and provided certainty for the people that depend on it. The continuation of established supplier relationships, as residents of central, western and northern Labrador requested, were maintained in the 2004 shipping season. The residents and businesses of the isolated north coast region were well served and my department received a lot of positive feedback on the north coast freight service in particular. 

"Our government has made several small but positive changes to the Labrador Marine Coastal Service throughout the year. We’ve increased the passenger allocation on the Sir Robert Bond, announced additional runs on the MV Apollo, and added a cooler on the MV Northern Ranger for the transport of fresh produce and milk. The new freezer was particularly well received by the residents on the north coast. These initiatives were carried out to meet the needs of the people in Labrador." 

Tourism, Culture and Recreation Minister Paul Shelley said he is confident that the early release of the ferry schedule will benefit the tourism industry in the province. "The Labrador Marine Service is in growing demand as visitors to the province seek unique travel experiences in untouched regions," said Minister Shelley. "Having the ferry schedule available before the new year will enable travelers to effectively plan for a trip to the province. Our research indicates that a high percentage of trip-planning occurs in the late fall or early winter - the earlier visitors have access to information such as ferry schedules, the more likely they are to commit to traveling to Newfoundland and Labrador." 

Minister Rideout said, "To meet this need, today government has released the schedules for the Labrador Coastal Marine Service. Officials in my department have advised that this is the earliest date that the schedules have been available to the traveling public." 

A copy of the schedule for the MV Sir Robert Bond is available at:

A copy of the schedule for the MV Northern Ranger is available at:

A copy of the schedule for the MV Apollo is available at:

A copy of the schedule for the MV Challenge One is available at:

Media contact:
   Lori Lee Oates, Transportation and Works, (709) 729-3015 or (709) 690-8403
   Tansy Mundon, Tourism, Culture and Recreation, (709) 729-0928 or (709) 685-1741

2004 12 22                   3:50 p.m.

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