July 8, 2004
(Transportation and Works)


Minister announces increased passenger allocation on ferry out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Today, Tom Rideout, Minister of Transportation and Works, announced an increased allocation of space for passenger related vehicles (PRVs) on the Sir Robert Bond MV, coming out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Minister Rideout stated, "There will be an allocation of space for an additional 15 passenger vehicles on two separate runs out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay each week, for a total of an additional 30 vehicles a week."

So far this season, there has been a space allocation for 60 passenger vehicles on each run the Bond makes out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. This will be increased to 75, effective immediately. There are two trips out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay each week – one going to Cartwright and another going to Lewisporte with a stop in Cartwright.

Since the service began on June 11, 2004, the Department of Transportation and Works has been actively monitoring passenger and freight volumes. At the beginning of the season, space was allocated to accommodate 300 tonnes of freight on each trip out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. However, freight movement has been lower than expected in the southbound direction, allowing for more PRVs to be accommodated.

Minister Rideout said, "In order to be responsive to local demand, we’ve decided to re-allocate some of the freight space for passenger vehicles.

"Government is building a strong foundation that will enable Newfoundland and Labrador to achieve our enormous potential for the future. Improved transportation infrastructure is part of that vision. We will continue to make evidence-based decisions as we move forward in developing a provincial infrastructure strategy."

Reservations for an additional 15 passengers vehicles on the Sir Robert Bond MV, coming out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, will be accepted effective tomorrow, July 9.

Media contact: Lori Lee Oates, Communications, (709) 729-3015

2004 07 08                                        4:25 p.m.

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