June 18, 2004
(Transportation and Works)


Road work announced for St. Johnís South

Tom Rideout, Minister of Transportation and Works, and Tom Osborne, MHA for St. Johnís South, today announced road work for the district valued at $400,000 under the Provincial Roads Program for 2004-05.

"This yearís provincial budget allocated $30 million for improvement and construction of provincial roads, a $7 million increase over the previous year. This roads program delivers on governmentís commitment to preventative maintenance, as outlined in the 2004 Speech from the Throne," said Minister Rideout.

"For residents of St. Johnís South, government will continue the rehabilitation of the CN Viaduct on Route 2. This is important to traffic movement in the city and will ensure the vital link to the downtown area and waterfront is maintained," said Minister Rideout.

"I am pleased with governmentís commitment to continue with this worthwhile project," said Minister Osborne. "This work will result in major improvements for road users in the district."

Media contact:

Lori Lee Oates, Communications, (709) 729-3015
Tom Osborne, MHA, (709) 729-4882

2004 06 18                                        9:40 a.m.

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