January 22, 2004
(Works, Services and Transportation)


Minister announces extension to interim Air Foodlift Subsidy Program

Tom Rideout, Minister of Works, Services and Transportation, today announced an extension to the interim Air Foodlift Subsidy Program scheduled to end on January 22, 2004. Government has allocated additional funds to continue the program until a decision has been made regarding its longer-term future, which is expected around mid-February.

On December 18, 2003, Minister Rideout, along with Trevor Taylor, Minister Responsible for Labrador, announced that government would allocate $20,000 to fund the foodlift subsidy from December 22, 2003 to January 22, 2004, as an interim measure to allow government to address the longer-term future of the program. "We recognized the urgency of the situation and felt that the interim funding would alleviate the problem for the short-term," said Minister Rideout.

"We anticipated making an announcement today (January 22), however, we recognize the importance of this program and would like to give our officials a little more time to review all possible alternatives before making a final decision," said the minister. "We do not wish to see a repeat of the situation which occurred in December and will continue funding the program until a final decision has been made."

Labrador Affairs will continue to administer the program throughout the extension.

Media contact: Deanne Hayward, Communications, (709) 729-3015

2004 01 22                                        12:30 p.m.

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