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Fisheries and Aquaculture - 2004
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January 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister address

January 16
"NEWFOUNDLAND COD COMEBACK!" proclaims international publication

January 20
Trevor Taylor pleased with fly-over and talks with federal Minister of Fisheries

January 22
Minister puts shrimp industry on notice

January 28
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to address CCFI board


February 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to release Final Report of the Fishing Processing Policy Review

February 4
Dunne Report to form basis of renewed fish processing policy
Hail-at-sea electronic auction to be implemented for shrimp

February 9
Minister declares February 9-15 Aquaculture Week in province


March 3
Minister supports increased role for FRCC on gulf cod

March 8
Minister supports federal collaboration on marine security initiatives

March 11
Minister to emphasize quality during and after Boston Seafood Show

March 15
Shrimp industry reaches agreement to address structural problems in inshore shrimp fishery

March 16
Minister comments on new federal strategy to address foreign overfishing

March 22
Ministerial Statement - Small-scale cod fishery in 3Pn4RS

March 24
Ministerial Statement - Minister discusses International Boston Seafood Show

March 25
Ministerial Statement - House of Commons motion on custodial management

March 26
Minister responds to DFO's new policy framework for Atlantic fishery

March 30
Strengthening and Growing our Fishing and Aquaculture Industries


April 7
Minister comments on latest shrimp impasse

April 16
Mediator to convene discussions between crab harvesters and processors

April 29
Minister supports FRCC's recommendation on Northern Gulf cod

April 30
Industry representatives agree to further mediation on crab


May 3
Minister pleased with outcome of crab negotiations

May 4
Minister pleased with re-opening of cod fishery in Northern Gulf

May 7
Minister sets record straight on New Ferolle fish plant situation
Serious action on foreign overfishing needed for Canada to be taken seriously: Minister
Shrimp auction relisted: Minister to introduce auction for June 2004

May 13
Minister issues update on New Ferolle fish plant situation

May 20
Agreement reached on New Ferolle fish plant for 2004
Minister clarifies situation surrounding damage to lobster pots


June 3
Ministerial Statement - Fish plant in Arnold's Cove

June 9
Province signs MOU with High Liner Foods and Icewater Seafoods
Minister issues licence for Newfoundland and Labrador's first fish auction

June 24
Minister discusses early retirement with fish plant workers
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister available to media 8:30 a.m., June 25


July 2
Minister announces funding for jellyfish development project in Central region

July 7
Research on shrimp and sea cucumber to be initiated in Western region
Minister comments on shrimp agreement and status of auction system

July 9
Sea cucumber research and quality enhancement underway in eastern region

July 12
Fisheries investments to focus on quality and technology

July 15
Labrador sea cucumber, toad crab, and whelk development initiatives get go-ahead


August 6
Minister comments on FPI's proposed income trust transaction

August 19
Fishery landings up in 2004 and on pace to exceed $1 billion product value

August 20
Rural economies to benefit from investments in aquaculture innovation


September 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture to address St. John's Board of Trade, Subject: Fishery and foreign over fishing

September 17
Minister comments on outcomes of 26th annual NAFO meeting


October 13
Government officials studying court decision regarding St. Anthony crab licence

October 15
Conservation is imperative, but don't include cod in Species at Risk Act: Minister

October 19
Province continuing to examine FPI proposal

October 21
Province encouraged by Prime Minister's diplomacy on foreign overfishing

October 22
Province determines lobster pot damages do not qualify for federal compensation

October 25
Province completes Arnold's Cove transaction involving groundfish allocations


November 2
Provincial support to encourage investment and growth in salmonid aquaculture industry


December 2
Province encouraged by Prime Minister's signals of action on overfishing

December 8
Province to provide salmonid aquaculture data to prospective investors

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