November 18, 2002
(Mines and Energy)

The following statement was issued today by Lloyd Matthews, Minister of Mines and Energy. It was also read in the House of Assembly:

I rise in the House today to congratulate the Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) on their 25th anniversary, and their wonderful celebrations held this past weekend to commemorate this remarkable achievement.

NOIA has been a key industry association in the promotion and development of this province’s petroleum resources over the past 25 years. Formed in 1977, this association now boasts a membership of approximately 425 member companies. I am certain that governments have come to appreciate the advice and recommendations from our friends at NOIA over the past 25 years, advice which has helped shape key decisions in the development of our offshore industry.

At NOIA’s gala celebrations on Saturday evening, several achievement awards were presented. I am pleased to stand here today and state that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador was one of two special award recipients at this event, recognizing this province’s continuing commitment to developing our offshore resources in a responsible manner, and in partnership with industry.

This celebration is very timely, as it was five years ago yesterday that first oil flowed from Hibernia. Since that time, Terra Nova has begun production and we have witnessed the sanctioning of the White Rose project. In 2005, this province will produce approximately one third of Canada’s conventional light crude oil. It is a very exciting time for this industry, and indeed the province.

Without the support of associations such as NOIA, our oil and gas sector would not be at the impressive stage that we witness today. Our service and supply sector continues to mature and our world class infrastructure continues to build the industry and encourage new investment in the province. Government and industry must continue to work together to ensure that the momentum in our petroleum industry continues to move forward.

I ask all honourable members to join me in congratulating NOIA on their 25th anniversary and extending best wishes for another great 25 years of success.

2002 11 18                2:35 p.m.

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