April 30, 2002
(Executive Council)


The following statement was issued today by Premier Roger Grimes. It was also read in the House of Assembly:

Public Service Award of Excellence

I rise today to provide honourable members with pleasant news regarding a group of outstanding public service employees. This morning it was my pleasure to participate in a ceremony at the St. Johnís Arts and Culture Centre, honouring recipients of Newfoundland and Labradorís Public Service Award of Excellence for 2001.

This award, which is being presented this year for the very first time, recognizes individuals and teams in our public service, who have demonstrated exceptional work performance and have made positive contributions to quality of the work environment or quality of service to the public. It recognizes important attributes of our public service: leadership, valuing people, innovation and service delivery excellence.

A total of 102 individual and team nominations, representing more than 600 employees, were received for this award. This gives us a very important message about the high level of ability and commitment, as well as the teamwork, within our public service. Public service employees take pride in one anotherís achievements and acknowledge one anotherís good work.

After review by an external selection committee, five teams and ten individuals were selected to receive the 2001 Newfoundland and Labrador Public Service Award of Excellence. The Clerk of the Executive Council presented the awards to 50 employees from all regions of the province.

Those honoured this morning are exceptional players on an exceptional team. Their professionalism, their dedication, their energy and their innovative ideas make our province a better place to live and our government buildings better places to work. I know I speak for all elected officials when I say that we have the utmost respect and appreciation for the public service and the work they do.

I extend congratulations and thanks on behalf of government and of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, to these outstanding employees.

I am pleased to table for this House the names of recipients of the 2001 Newfoundland and Labrador Public Service Award of Excellence.

2001 Public Service Award of Excellence recipients are:

Tom Beckett, Department of Government Services and Lands (St. Johnís).
Leonard Bursey
, Department of Human Resources and Employment (Corner Brook).
Joan Dawe,
Department of Health and Community Services (St. Johnís).
Roger Haynes
, Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (St. Johnís).
Gene Hickey
, Department of Human Resources and Employment (Grand Falls - Windsor).
Judgment Enforcement Remote Access Team
(Department of Justice): David W. Jones; Pauline Butler; Robert Drake; Paul Foote; Sandy Hounsell; Brenda Malone; Joan McCarthy Wiseman; Debbie North; Dianne Noseworthy; Patricia Sheehan; Colin Tibbo; Joan Veitch.
Haseen Khan
, Department of Environment (St. Johnís).
Labrador Tree Nursery Team
(Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods): Bruce Roberts; Diane Montague-Blake (Happy Valley - Goose Bay).
Anne-Marie McGrath
, Public Service Commission (St. Johnís).
Cheryl Penney
, Department of Human Resources and Employment (Corner Brook).
Rod Regier
, Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development (St. Johnís).
Kay Riggs
, Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development (Marystown).
Team RuralEXPO 2001
(Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development): Terry Johnstone; Diana Cose; Carolann Harding; Paula Roberts; Margie Slaney; Lynn Sparkes; Denis Sullivan (Eastern Region).
Victim Liaison Officer Program Team
(Department of Justice): Dave Dewling; Jerry Belbin; Terry Billard; Jim Courtney; Sam Flanigan; Hector Freake; Elaine Hancock; Cecil Lynch; Dennis Morgan; Gordon Noseworthy; Glen Petten; Tony Tobin (Intra-provincial).
Western Region Quality Assurance Team (
Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture): Mark Lowe; Hubert Anderson; Jeff Gould; Monique Hynes; Karen Loder; Tracy Slaney; Alvin White (Western Region).

2002 04 30                          2:05 p.m.

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