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Justice - 2001
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January 3
Justice Minister offers condolences over passing of retired Supreme Court Judge

January 19
Province to call for judicial inquiry into shooting


February 6
Justice Minister offers condolences over passing of retired Chief Provincial Court Judge White

February 13
Review of Freedom of Information Act underway

February 21
Province accepts judge’s recommendation to fund lawyer for Reid family

February 26
Minister of Justice announces appointments


March 1
Department releases report into death of Shawn Anthony Howse

March 14
Judge's complaint referred to police

March 16
Freedom of Information Review Committee -
Public Meetings

March 22
Province increasing highway patrol enforcement

March 27
The Human Rights Commission comments board of inquiry decision


April 12
Minister announces Select Committee of House of Assembly to review tobacco legislation
Justice minister appoints new chief judge, two provincial court judges

April 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: Public hearings on "An Act To Provide For The Recovery Of Tobacco Related Health Care Costs", April 30, 9 a.m.

April 30
NOTE TO EDITORS - Public hearing regarding "An Act To Provide For The Recovery Of Tobacco Related Health Care Costs", House of Assembly, May 2, 9:30 a.m.


May 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: "An Act To Provide For The Recovery Of Tobacco Related Health Care Costs", extended public hearings, House of Assembly, May 9

May 14
Justice minister announces reinstatement of ombudsman

May 31
The Human Rights Commission releases decision on discrimination against physical disability


June 5
Justice minister announces settlement of lawsuits

June 8
Human Rights Commission - Complaints against Fogo Island Co-operative Society

June 19
Justice Minister announces appointment of consumer advocate


July 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, July 5, St. John's Subject: Restructuring of province's youth correctional facilities
Minister announces restructuring of youth correctional facility

July 6
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, July 6, St. John's Subject: Proposed class action legislation
Government to draft new class action legislation

July 19
NOTE TO EDITORS: New conference, July 19, St. John's Subject: Freedom of Information Act reviews
Government releases report on Freedom of Information Act review


August 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, Justice Minister Kelvin Parsons and Sandra Kelly, MHA-Gander, August 8, Gander. Subject: Legal Aid Family Services pilot project

August 8
Minister announces pilot project on Legal Family Aid in Central Newfoundland

August 9
Queen's Counsel appointments


September 10
Human Rights Commission - Two complaints filed with the commission against Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited, September 11

September 27
Justice Minister releases results of investigation into death in Labrador


October 12
Minister appoints new provincial court judge

October 15
Province continues to pressure federal government to live up to constitutional obligations

October 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, October 18, St. John's, Subject: Bulk water report

October 18
Minister releases bulk water report: Government to maintain ban on bulk water exports for now

October 22
Human Rights Commission - Complaint filed against Iron Ore Company of Canada and United Steelworkers of America, Local 5795

October 31
NOTE TO EDITORS: Naming of Courthouse, November 6, Grand Bank


November 2
Human Rights Commission - Board of Inquiry decision

November 6
Minister of Justice names Grand Bank Courthouse

November 13
NOTE TO EDITORS: Victim Services anniversary, November 16, Corner Brook
Victim Services celebrates 10 years

November 21
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, November 21, St. John's, Subject: Class Actions Act
Minister announces Class Actions Legislation

November 23
Minister announces Same Sex Pension Benefits
Minister tables 2001 Newfoundland Court Judges' Salary and Benefits Tribunal Report

November 26
NOTE TO EDITORS: News Conference, November 27, St. John's Subject: Freedom of Information Act

November 27
Minister announces new Freedom of Information Act

November 28
Government improves civil enforcement service for collections

November 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Official opening of Courtroom #6, November 30, St. John's


December 18
Government announces new initiatives for fine collection


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