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Government Services and Lands - 2000

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January 13
Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation - Safe Snowmobiling Tips

January 28
Government taking action to address out-of-service underground fuel storage tanks


March 22
Project under way to allow vehicle registration renewals over Internet; Increased highway enforcement in Labrador

March 29
Funding announced to test caribou felt as outerwear liner for textile industry
Charitable organizations receive approval to operate fixed-link bingos


April 11
Ministerial Statement - Residential Tenancies Act


May 11
Ministerial Statement - Proposed changes to locked in retirement funds

May 17
Department drafting pre-paid funeral regulations
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, May 18, Subject: Future development activity on north shore of Deer Lake

May 18
Government outlines plans for development activity on north shore of Deer Lake


June 22
Boil water advisories in Western Region

June 23
Additional boil water advisories


July 12
Changes to locked-in retirement funds approved


August 21
Truck trailers to be marked with reflective tape

August 30
New Residential Tenancies Act comes into effect September 1


September 8
Pugetís Sound Agricultural Society Limited


November 29
Dennis Browne, Q.C. to represent department at PUB Facility Association hearings

November 30
Pre-paid funeral service contracts protected


December 6
Ministerial Statement - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

December 8
Christmas refunds

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